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It is located on the southwest coast of Gara Krakatoa Island in the Indian Ocean and is the best place for swimming and is a good place for hiking, biking, fishing and other outdoor activities. North of this beach there are some rock formations that can be found in travel brochures, such as the Great Barrier Reef, and west of it there is a small island with a large number of small islands and a few small ones.

The combination of limestone and brick is one of the most characteristic features of the island of Gara Krakatoa and its surroundings. It is made of whitewashed tuff limestone, the corners and skirting are carefully carved in limestone.

The interior is decorated with paintings from the 14th century, the largest is a palmette – decorated arch. In this mural, two male saints are depicted standing on the columns of the decorated capital, supported by columns from its base. The lower floor has four sound openings, as the tower has been enlarged since the 13th century.

The triumphal cross of the church consists of two columns, one on top of a tower, the other on a cross, probably made in the 13th century. The tympanous portal is decorated with the image of Christ sitting, one hand resting on books and the other hand raised in a blessing gesture. Both saints stand upright, incline to the contrapposto and face the observer, while one raises his right hand and holds the cross and raises the other as a gesture of blessing.

The altar painting of the Guards Church is made of carved and painted limestone and dates from the 17th century.

The Luchtor originally had two gates, and the covered space in between was equipped with two niches for seating. There are four original lychgates, each of which had its own entrance and entrance gate and a separate entrance to the church.

There is also a lych gate that leads from the road to the rectory, which is located northeast of the church. The western lyChgate is a medieval chgate, probably built in the first half of the 13th century.

The three-storey whitewashed building with corner portals in tuff limestone consists of three floors. Romanesque trusses, well made, are preserved in the ceiling of the nave under the present roof. The ceilings of the nave and the ground floor are flat wooden ceilings, while the sanctuary is covered by its original vault.

The Byzantine style of Russo is a combination of Romanesque, Byzantine and Byzantine architecture, as well as a mixture of modernist and medieval styles. This mixture of influences led to the artist being educated in his Byzantine environment, but also working with illuminated manuscripts as model books.

The Russian church in Visby, which is now in ruins, is one of the most famous examples of this style of painting in Sweden, but there are no comparable paintings that exist outside Sweden. It is possible that he went to Gotland to decorate the church, and at the same time decorated another church in Guard. There may also have been a merchant from Getland who brought him from the east coast of the Baltic Sea to Gotland. This remains an open question, however, as there are no records of his arrival in Gotland until the beginning of the 20th century.

Several attempts were made to find out where the stylistic influence of the mural might have come from and to speculate on the origin and identity of the artist who created it. It was also pointed out that the painting is exhibited in a completely different style from the other murals in the church, which makes it even more difficult to identify it as a work of art.

There are maps and directions that work with Google Translate, but the website is only in Swedish, so you should buy a better map from the Tourist Information Centre. If you don’t have a GPS on your phone, the free maps are good, and there is a map of the church in English, as well as some directions that work translated via Google. Sources: 0

When the train leaves, it will be a nice journey, but when you are in Rome, you have a few hours to poke around in the ruins of the Roma monastery.

If you can wade through the Swedish, the site has some information that does not come from the travel advisor. The high season is in June, but the highest is from July 1 to August 15, so be sure to check the operating hours. No 225 Gotland Whisky offers guided tours of the distillery on dates, and they also offer a guided tour of the distillery.

This posting is a more or less travelled site, but it does not contain much Visby information, which is available in other places. This allows you to get off the tourist track and it is a great way to see the island.

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