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The particularly beautiful eastern islands, including Menawethan and the Great Innisvouls, are home to a colony of Atlantic grey seals. But to modern eyes, these relaxed islands are better known as the Isles of Scilly, one of the most remote and remote islands in England. Situated at the southern tip of the South Atlantic, just off the coast of Cornwall and Wales, they are England’s “southernmost and westerniest” outpost. In Britain, the Scilly Islands are shrouded in a mystery that some might call secret: they are home to some of Britain’s oldest and most mysterious creatures.

There is also the only museum on the island that displays exhibits that explore local history, from castaways to small displays that illuminate the life and work of the late Sir Hugh Town, one of Scilly’s most famous residents, who had a lifelong love affair with the islands. Finally, Hugh’s Town has a small museum with a collection of rare books, maps and artifacts from the past and present.

Sea Garden Cottages is located on the grounds of the Island Hotel, which was built in the early 20th century as part of Hugh Town’s original plans for the island. The cottage can be a home for up to 10 people, with attached restaurant and leisure facilities, or you can meander through the beautifully manicured grounds for a more intimate, private experience.

The beach of Tresco is probably the best on Scilly, with long, fine white sand beaches overlooking the protected sound. The remote, magnificent Little Bay is located on the north side of the island and cements its status as one of the most remote and secluded islands in England.

Besides the Tresco Channel, the long, narrow island of Bryher is perhaps the wildest and most beautiful of the Scilly Islands. The coastal rocks rise over the opposite side of the island, and the beautiful beaches are beautiful in themselves, with a wide sandy beach on the north side.

The anchorage is one of the best berths on the island, with an old log cabin from the 16th century, located at the southern end of the lake.

Hugh’s Town also has one of the best berths on the island, with a mooring at the northern end of Hugh’s Island. Old Grimsby offers a good berth, which is a great example of what this archipelago has to offer, along with its neighbours New Grimsby Sound and the other islands in the group.

At the other end of the scale is the dramatically located Hell’s Bay Hotel, of which Crab Shack is an offshoot. It is probably the most stylish place on the island. The rooms are spread over several wings, most of them with sea views, and Old Grimsby Sound is spectacularly located.

Abbey Garden is a caf̩ with ruins of vaults where we ate, and Bryher campsite is located on the former site of Old Grimsby Campground, which is now a tourist attraction. The stone Рbleached Mediterranean Рdyed in wood Рoven is served on blond sand Рkissed from the beach, with a view over the sea and cliffs.

The easiest access is from the North Sea, with suitable weather and reasonable seas, but the main danger of Old Grimsby Sound lies at the entrance to the dried up – to Little Kittern Swarm, which lies deep in the water, similar to New Grimsby, once again the deepest water of the Outlie.

Normally you have to go to New Grimsby (20 minutes) and drive to St Mary’s, or walk or cycle from there. People who live on other islands or off the island sometimes work from home, but not always and sometimes not at all.

Skybus services to the Isles of Scilly are just 30 minutes long and include flights and a seasonal flight to Exeter. I chose Newquay because it has good connections to where I live and also to St Mary’s, which is a short walk from the airport.

It covers the Isles of Scilly from St Mary’s and just outside Penwith, with a particular focus on St Mary’s, a popular tourist destination in Cornwall.

It covers a range of socio-economic factors, so Old Grimsby can be compared with the Scilly Islands figures nationally. The 2011 census is the most recent census available on the number of people living on each of the three islands. A good source of genealogy for Isles of Scillies is Cornwall Clerk’s Register, a regularly updated census from Cornwall, kept in check by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

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