Facebook, Reddit and Twitter are SHIT 🤦🏾‍♂️

Twitter block
Twitter eMail (Locked out)
Facebook: you have a funny name, we don’t allow that shit here!

Facebook (They never reply)

As for the Reddit screenshot, sorry I deleted my account before realising I should of screenshot it and added to my blog!

Ok, Long story short… Facebook won’t accept my name on their platform even though they claim to be inclusive, I have sent them on numerous occasions copies of my government issued ID, I even made it to the newspaper’s and they did relent, until recently.

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/man-called-something-long-and-complicated-locked-out-of-facebook-a3085101.html (you can Google ‘Something Long And Complicated’ to find more sources)

For some people I’m still visible as having a Facebook account, however I can not log in as I need an ID check, after completing the ID check on numerous occasions they still don’t allow me access.

Twitter! 😂 oh my god “Twitter’s mission is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information, and to express their opinions and beliefs without barriers. Free expression is a human right – we believe that everyone has a voice, and the right to use it.” – https://help.twitter.com/en/rules-and-policies/hateful-conduct-policy (2020/sept/08) banned me because someone tweeted that “you can’t say dyke” so I replied “yes I can” and then “😂😂😂 dyke 😂😂😂 dyke” anyway… this kind of childish behaviour is in my nature and I’m not ruining my innocence for a fucking website, fuck ‘em but I have appealed, if they come to their senses, well done I might re download the app and continue using the service but I might not 🤷🏽.

Ahh Reddit, and I thought this was a place I could be accepted, when I used to use it many years ago I remember it as the harshest place on the clean web, a place where trolls could chill, exchange next level bullshit and laugh so hard at the satire nature you could literally die, BONUS you didn’t need to connect to the dark web and get all sorts of technical covering your tracks being all shady, because the Reddit community was accepting of an alias and toilet humour, but I digress, I got a 3 day ban for answering the question “what is your go to swear word when you make a mistake?” With “ahh nigger nuts!”. Oh reflection I should of seen it as the trap it was, but I appealed explaining the context of the story hoping they had just seen the comment not the question, BUT I ended up with my account terminated, so I “wished them and their family the very best” 😉 using words and phrases that even I would probably have a hard time digesting to ensure my permanent ban was a valid response.

Anyway there you have it, I know without these big three I will be missing something special in my life, but I prefer to think of it as a favour from the CEOs of these three, first most importantly I will have more time for my art, without getting stuck in the newsfeed rabbit hole I can spend more time watching/reading or creating actual artwork. Secondly as more people get sucked into the digital reality and genuinely believe the screen is real life, I can sit back and watch the world burn from the comfort of “trusted” news sources. And finally (there’s more benefits, but non so important as these) I have actual surprises waiting for me and I can actually surprise my friends, because rather than getting the half ass updates from social media as they happen, I’ll actually get to hear and tell my stories if and when we meet again (I grew up in the 80’s n 90’s, we didn’t really have powerful online social networks back then, so this situation is a little retro, I still have a phone for super urgent news!)

One last thing…

I’m not banned from YouTube, Pinterest or Vocal Media (YET!) so feel free to join me there, or if you are local I’ll let you buy me a coffee (if you are not local but want to buy me a coffee anyway, you can do that here http://monzo.me/somethingcomplicated (you see, I’m genuinely inclusive 😀🥳, (well as much as I can be anyway!), unlike some of the companies mentioned in this blog)

Oh yea, I found this old video on YouTube while I was looking up the news report link above, I didn’t see it at the time, but I liked it and thought it was funny, here seems like an appropriate place to share it!

And this one!

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  4. Good article! We are linking to this great post on our website. Keep up the great writing.

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  5. Update! Yea Twitter has lost their mind, so I also sent them a nice message wishing them the best of luck with there business, bye Twitter!


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