Cerro Imbabura, Ecuador šŸ˜£

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The upper mountain zone of the Ecuadorian Andes includes the Imbabura Mountains, the highest mountain range in the world at 3000 m altitude. In the lower areas the vegetation is herbaceous steppe and in the high altitudes there are natural meadows. Cloud forest is found in the northern Andes at altitudes above 3000 m.

The Imbabura Mountains in the Ecuadorian Andes and the impact of agricultural land use on the environment and biodiversity in Inbabara.

El espiritu del pueblo de Cotacachi describes the impact of agricultural land use on the environment and biodiversity in the Imbabura Mountains in Ecuador.

Pululahua cuts through a caldera that is 5 km wide, irregularly shaped and covers an area of 19 km2. The Illinois, the highest peak of the Imbabura Mountains in Ecuador and one of the largest in Ecuador, forms a prominent point in the west in an Interandean valley. Both peaks have their own names, “Iliniza” and “Mexizas Norte,” and both are part of a single mountain range with a total altitude of about 2,500 m.

The Imbabura is not the highest Andean peak and an extinct volcano, but if you want to climb other volcanoes and mountains in Ecuador, an ascent is recommended as part of your acclimatization and preparation. If you plan to climb the high peaks of Ecuador, the gentle slopes are a good choice for a quick climb.

It is located at a latitude where the volcanic chain of the northern volcano zone is widest, and rises to 2800 m in the western Amazon basin. The volcano is located at an altitude of 3,000 m above sea level and has a lake – filled caldera. It is a volcano in its own right, which was once active but has been dormant for a long time. There are several other volcanoes in Ecuador with similar names, such as the Imbabura Volcano and the Guarani Volcano, both located in the northern part of the northern region of Ecuador, the Andes.

It is located at an altitude of 3,000 m above sea level in the Sierra Norte in Ecuador and offers an excellent view of the volcano from above. It is also located on the top of a mountain, at an altitude of 2,500 m, on the top of Cerro Imbabura.

The area, known as the heart of the mountain, appears in the local art depicting the volcano and is very popular with locals. The boulder that landed in the nearby Peguche during Imbabura’s last eruption was worshipped by the Pre-Incas as Achilly Pachacamac, the supreme god. According to local Ecuadorian legend, the god Taita Im bababara fought with the gods Mojanda for the affection of Maria Isabel Cotacachi.

Trucks from La Esperanza (JGHarrisson) said it was possible to embed yourself in a truck that would take you to the trailhead in LaEsperanza while you were at Casa Aida.

In Quito there are regular buses that run from Terrestre Terminal to Otavalo, where you can take a taxi or bus to Ibarra, but make sure you get a bus to Zuleta as there is no road to the hiking trail. If you forget to leave, you have to climb Imbabura to the end of the road and then do it all over again.

Most agencies in the new city of Quito (Veintimilla and Amazon) offer services ranging from fully guided tours to transportation services. La Casa Aida La Esperanza is the only suitable hostel in this town, owned by Klever Tuquerres (the man who helped me with Danslb) and is a little paradise. It is called Refugio Volcan Imabura and is found on maps, and it is a great place to go hiking, camping and other activities.

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