Sarca, Trentino, Italy 😝

Something Complicated selfie (Sarca, Trentino, Italy)

The river Fiume of the Sarca (SARCa) winds its way through the Terme di Comano (TdC) and reaches the top of its venue in Pinzolo.

This part of the river is steeped in gradient, with large boulders and pockets of water staining the predominant water type. The venue is located at the foot of a glacier that flows into this river from north to west, at an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level.

The venue is also divided into two parts, with the water being managed according to the catch and release rules of the upper bar. The immediate leg has a beat for pulling, catching and releasing water, while the lower beat controls the flow of water into the river.

When you reach the upper side of the channel, you have to walk to the lower beat with five fish on board and only two minutes left. In my session I went a little over half way and had to spend another two seconds on top, with more fish coming into the net until I went down.

The plan was to fish the heavy water bags until the sun was in the water for the last 45 – 60 minutes of the session. I had hoped that the side channel would produce and that the shallow pockets would have a good chance of fishing in the main channel again to heavy water. Once on top, I fished a nice looking back pocket for a few minutes and then another couple of minutes until I was up. The sun warmed up the river, so I should have saved some of it for another day, but I didn’t, and I’m glad I did.

I was so excited I forgot where I had caught three or four the morning before, but I was able to put them all back in my pocket.

That was an exciting sum, as it takes 15 to 20 fish to win a session at this location. Many of the other participants then said that they had caught fish after fishing for the heavy water, even though they had already caught it.

We started fishing a section of the local river that harbour a lot of fish that we expected to be a welcoming bag. At first glance, this bag was the most inviting piece of beat, but the first bag we fished did not produce any fish. The tail beside it on the shore quickly produced an angled throw, and we began to fish it. This bag in the middle of a river did not produce any fish, but there were a few other inviting bags like the one in front of us.

I landed two fish on the side of the canal, but we missed one and the other, which gave us two shakes of the head when we came out.

I started with a single cockney tripod with squirrel dots, which gave us a heavy, small pocket beat with a diameter. We changed the fly a little and swung between a streamers and a smaller, darker nymph, which is good elsewhere on the Sarca. The streamers have more traction than the flies, so we were able to bring the fish into tighter structures.

We scraped the edge of a rock for a pocket at the top of the bar and here came two more shades of brown up the embankment. The morning session was difficult because the sun was in the water, which brought warmth and a higher metabolism to the fish. Two morning sessions on this clock had produced 3-4 fish, and one afternoon session produced 10 fish, but this was the first time a stuffed brown was caught. It took helicopters, arrows and bow throws to track the banks and trees, so we had to be careful not to over- and subdue.

Still cloudy and wet, we stayed pretty close to the fortress today, but when we reached a bag on the top of the island, our fate changed. We waited a little while for our first fish and stretched out our legs when the sun finally broke through. t expect much from fish during the first two days of our trip, so I went back to my original expectations and went fishing for brown, blue, red and even a few blue and a few other species.

We moved to the side of the canal because there were many fish here, because they were in the same area as the fortress and not too far from it.

During the warm September weather, the melting of the spring water caused the river to flow milky and ice-covered, and you can see a small side channel separating from the island on the left side of this photo. If you look closely, you can see that the side channels pass into the main channel and thus reduce the gradient a little. In this passeggiata we were able to take a framed shot of two bridges that cross the banks, connect streams and pass through a temporary forest neck between Fiume and Sarca.

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