Facebook Tried To Rob Me 🤬

Fraud refunded
Luckily my bank fights fraud with an iron fist!

It all starts with Facebook 🤦🏾‍♂️, way back in 2015 Facebook locked me out of my account claiming I’m not a real boy because I have an unusual name.

The mirror run a story about it, and the argument between myself and facebook went viral. Facebook relented and allowed me back into my account.

Until a few months ago I haven’t had a problem with facebook its been business as usual, checking in with friends and trolling vegans.

Ok so a few months ago I shared my monzo link (bank account allows me to request money) on facebook just randomly and for a laugh, but to my surprise I received an anonymous donation of £1 😍 (I’ve got lovely friends)

I was inspired and bored so I bought some adverts on facebook and immediately they wanted to confirmed my ID. I assumed everything was safe and in order so sent them a copy of my passport and my drivers licence, and as expected they confirmed I am genuine and approved my adverts.

Later one of my adverts was reported 🤷🏾‍♂️, so Facebook automatically wanted confirmed my ID again, so i sent them another copy of my IDs. They apologised for wasting my time, and they said everything is ok and i don’t need to worry as my account is in good standing.

Anyway time passes and one random morning I woke up to find Facebook had blocked my account again! They asked me to confirm my name again, but this time they don’t send me email, and wont reply to my emails. They have ghosted me since this block.

Anyway the day after they blocked me they took £14 from my bank, they sent me an email, but the links in the email wouldn’t let me login to see my receipt as I’m blocked and need to change my name, but I figured that the amount taken must be fair, and they’ve just taken for what I owed them whilst my account was active.

I must take a time out to note that this block is very inconvenient as I have only recently been released from a secure hospital and have been using Facebook to regain contact with friends that I haven’t spoken to in over year, and as my flat was broken into whilst I was in hospital, I don’t have phone numbers or other contact details because my phone was stolen, also I can not login to my old email and social accounts as I had 2FA enabled and I can’t access the secure codes needed to unlock these accounts 🤕.

Anyway so I forget about facebook, I don’t need to be on a platform that discrimates in any fashion (unless its vegan bashing, i love me some vegan bashing), so I manage to reactivate my LinkedIn so i can at least contact some of people, and although the LinkedIn staff where quite rude about my name at first, they very quickly apologised and all became ok with the world. So I think.

So because I’m not paying for adverts on Facebook and there are some friends i would like to connect with that I haven’t managed to get hold of yet I decide it’ll fun to setup my own website somethingcomplicated.com, that way they can easily find me 😀, i honestly believe that I’m the only Mr Something Long And Complicated in London, UK.

Anyhows, back to the story, at this point my Facebook account is suspended because “I’m not a real boy” (but I am) and it’s become a bit of a joke with my local friends, anyway, its night time and I’m watching Netflix, it’s about 1am in the morning and my monzo makes its special noise to say “transaction alert” it’s odd as I’m not expecting any transactions so I check it, and to my deep surprise, it’s Facebook, and they took £7 for some adverts!

At first I figure they must of reactivated my account, not told me or the email ended up in my spam box, and resumed my advertising, so I try to login to Facebook to see the receipt and say hi to a few friends I want to speak to. I do get a Facebook ads receipt via email that says login for details whilst I’m still logged into my bank.

BUT I’m still locked out and can not see the receipt! And It still asks me to confirm my name!

So I’m unable to get hold of Facebook in any fashion, email, phone and I had to report the transaction as fraud to Monzo, and at this moment I’m really worried because I hadn’t expected this payment, and I need to eat this week. So I go to bed. Worried.

I wake up after a rough night and I’m happy to discover that Monzo have agreed it was a fraud transaction and immediately refunded me, they also blocked my card, they said expect it it 5 days, but it came the next morning!

I’m really disappointed and don’t like how discriminating Facebook have become over the years, it’s really sad to see such a fun platform become a facist dictatorship.

If facebook does ever do allow me access to my account again, I’m pretty sure I’ll login, get a few phone numbers and deactivate my account because i have lost faith that they are acting responsibly, they blocked my access to Facebook but that i can deal with, the fact they disabled my access to messenger is disgusting and without warning is a real power play.

My passport (issued by the UK Government)

It’s funny to think that facebook thinks that is it so much better at telling artists where the line is than a countries own government 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

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