Nahal Poleg, Israel 😌

Something Complicated selfie (Nahal Poleg, Israel)

East of Nahal Poleg is a nature reserve called Sha’ar Poleg, where you can see many daffodils, cyclamen, anemones and orchids. Here you can see some flowers, such as the blue lupin and the blue lupin, as well as some other species.

There is a sports complex south of Netanyahu, Israel, founded in 1957 and comprises 4,000 students studying at Bar Ilan University, which was founded by the team and the university in 1994. It is the home of the Israeli Football Association (IDF), the national team of Israel.

Laniado Hospital, also known as Sanz Medical Center, is the only hospital in the country with the capacity to meet the needs of people with various disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. For people who are unable to read books due to various disabilities, books are provided which they can read in recorded format..

On the elevator tower on Sironit beach, there is a large sign that reads “Win the Blue Flag,” which is attached to various facilities and toilets. It is located next to the Red Army Memorial in Beit Yad. In front of the building there is a plaque and a sculpture of a sundial as well as a memorial to the fallen. At this junction there are a number of monuments and memorials, such as the monument to the Israeli soldiers of the Second World War and the Holocaust.

EcoOcean was founded a decade ago by a group of Israeli scientists and works to educate the public about the importance of a healthy marine environment and the restoration of the river, bringing life back to the Dead Sea. The river has died and is known to be polluted by sewage flowing into the Nahal Poleg and affecting water quality. Until recently, the stream was extremely polluted and although we consider it a “living stream” again, as any resident of the area can attest, there is still a long way to go.

Lido beach is located in the northern part of Ashdod and, like the pergolas in Netanyahu, has some strange architectural ornaments. Instead of wooden structures, it has a tall concrete tower that looks a little like London’s Big Ben, but it would probably be better to ignore the fact that the tower looks like a command bridge for a nuclear submarine. Beyond the menacing-looking and crowded pergsolas, there are relatively new elevator towers that make Sironit Beach and Herzl Beach unique and offer a sloping beach that is very important.

The initiative to build the monument came from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and received support from the Russian leadership. In 2012, President Vladimir Putin, President Barack Obama and President Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama, attended the unveiling of the monument.

To reach the Sha’ar Poleg Nature Reserve, drive to Megiddo Junction southeast of Road 675, then west to Wingate Institute and continue to Coast Road 2. Over the Nahal-Poleg bridge, turn left at the parking lot and right onto the road and then right onto the highway, follow the signs, drive east on road 775 to Sha’ar Po Leg and follow it for a few kilometers, and finally turn east on road 575. You can walk along the beach for about 10-15 minutes until you cross the water and walk back to Herzl Beach, south of the park.

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