Stegt flæsk 😋

Stegt flæsk (perfect ingredients)

Since the first democratic elections in Denmark in 1849, there has been a tradition of serving Valgflaesk (pork belly) on election evenings. It is the result of promises and assurances that run counter to common sense and decency and to the common good of the people.

When this recipe was introduced to the city’s kitchens and restaurants, it became an instant classic and traditional dish and is one of the exquisite Danish dishes that chefs prepare and prepare in various variations. The dish is traditionally prepared and served on election nights in a variety of different ways, from traditional to modern to old-fashioned.

The Jante Law, written in 1933 by the author Aksel Sandemose, describes a culture that negatively evaluates personal success and achievement. In this sense, it is easy to see that this national dish is related to Danish philosophy. Like hygge, it is imbued with a way of defining and understanding the meaning of life, the meaning of life and even the nature of man.

True farm dishes provide energy, carbohydrates and fat, but no one nowadays has to work hard and long in the fields.

Stegt flaesk med persillesovs dish has been voted the Danish national dish since it has existed, and I take my hat off to the Danes vote, it has won them. While you are cooking in the kitchen and assembling the dish, you are annoyed that you have not made enough food for yourself.

Take a pan – roast potatoes, a slice of bread and a few slices of cheese or even a piece of bacon, serve with sour vegetables, (mes brun sovs) or a little sour cream, but not too much for extra zing.

The Barners Kaelder restaurant, located in the basement of an old youth hostel in Bathania, wants to convey a feeling of yesterday, Stegt Flaesk (med persillesovs) is on the menu – recommending you eat once a week, the dish, a juicy, porky dish. I chose the Barners Kaelder restaurant, where slaughtered pork sausages are sold at an affordable price, while Stegts Flaedk recipes are available from everywhere at varying prices. You can ask the butcher to cut a slice off your face and try to cut it as if you were cutting an entire slice of glorious pork belly. If he slices them, he can cut them into small pieces for his own enjoyment.

When cooking the dish, when the pork looks almost done and the skin is crispy and you’re looking for a crackling, turn off the oven and turn it on again. Watch when the temperature is raised to crisp your pork, as you don’t want to burn it in the oven.

Remember to preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

The sauce needs to simmer for about 10 minutes, stirring all the ingredients and stirring without soaking up the flavour.

It is indeed a simple and delicious dish and with a generous amount of meat and vegetables, Spiced with finger-ling potatoes and a seductive parsley sauce, this meal looks simple but bold.

Stegt flæsk ready to eat (serving suggestion)

That’s all for today folks! 

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