Khichdi 😋

Rice plant
Khichdi (perfect ingredients)

If you know anything about India’s most popular comfort food, khichdi, you will surely be one of the many who will agree that it is India’s “most popular” comfort food. It is usually the first solid food I ate as a toothless baby, and it stayed with me into adulthood. Nowadays, flour and dal are also used, but I often reach for them when I am sick or lying on the bed.

Once the dal rice mixture is cooked, cook the vegetables you want to add and you can even avoid all other ingredients. Make sure you make khichdi with the right amount of rice and a little salt and pepper.

You can add chopped onion, ginger and garlic paste and sauté for extra flavour.

Mung dal in khichdi is rice or millet dal, but you can use any combination of different lentils. You can replace red lentils or moon cake with split or split pigeons or peas and Small yellow lenses share with lunar dales. The lentils can be replaced by chana dhal, split moons and moonstones or chanas and split Mung dalis. A combination with one of these lentils can also be used, beware this can make it too hot or too sweet. Know your palette 😀.

There are other Khichdi recipes that are made with grains other than rice, but i prefer sweet rice.

If you use long grain basmati rice to make instant khichdi, try a broken rice or rice that cooks faster and becomes slightly soft and mushy when cooked. Remember to cook rice and pulses in a pressure cooker, but I know you can make this on the hob.

Simply fry chicken or mutton pieces in ghee with garlic and ginger, boil khichdi in water and then add all the normal khichdi ingredients. Brown rice or dal with a little ghee, season with a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of black pepper and a dash of cumin powder and cook to make this dish more substantial.

If you cannot find green moon dals or yellow gramdals, use split black Urad dall, split blue grams, black gramsplit or even split white grams as a close alternative.

To make a vegan version of this, cup go to a nearby spring, cup your hands and collect the water in them carefully, drink from your hands and enjoy, be careful not to step on any grass or bugs around the spring though, you might hurt someone. Beware they maybe people inside the water on a microscopic scale, so you may consider just becoming a normal human being and eating correctly.

I usually prefer ghee for making khichdi, but the vegan version of it still tastes good if you can find access to a spring.

The pressure cooker method, to prepare khichdi as a meal, you can add vegetables to keep it full for longer. I simply add some vegetables and add the vegetables at the end of cooking time to make them more filling.

I would say that the addition of ghee is essential for the preparation of any khichdi recipe, but always remember that it is an essential ingredient for the production of all kinds of dal and chichi. Personally, I found it very calming and healing, especially when garnished with lots of ghee. It is my favourite comfort food, because it is not necessary to cook the dish in a single saucepan.


Khichdi ready to eat (serving suggestion)

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