Cuisses de Grenouille 🤢

Green frog
cuisses de grenouille (perfect ingredients)

There is nothing more satisfying than buying a skewer with large French frog legs in the market. There are many ponds, lakes and rivers nearby to catch frogs, but not many of them in the city.

Yet many French never eat frog legs, and those who do do do so do not often do what we do. The large ones that provide the best legs are there, but they actually protected by the people so they are not eaten.

This is a very delicate and tasty dish, and it seems less and less to get rid of prejudices about this dish. I found it very well fried with garlic and parsley, with a little olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper.

If you really don’t feel like doing the right thing and can’t find it, you would make the strips that are on the inside of a chicken breast. There’s nothing better than a crunchy and tasty frog leg.

Cuisses De Grenouille

Cuisses de Grenouille ready to eat (serving suggestion)

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