Adobo Seafood 😋

Adobo Seafood (perfect ingredients)

Adobong (Seafood Adobo) is a very popular dish in the Philippines and I want you to know the reason for this. It is flavoured with a variety of spices, such as raw garlic, ginger, coriander, garlic powder, chili powder and more.

So the Mexican adobo is basically the same kind of marinade made with a variety of spices like raw garlic, ginger, coriander, garlic powder, chilli powder and more. The most basic ingredient in adobo is vinegar, which is usually browned (although you can sometimes use white wine or cider vinegar).

You need to ensure that the meat is sufficiently cooked and does not dry out. Tip: fold the fish over the skin and cook until it is really soft and the liquid is reduced by half. If the fish is not tender enough, cook the meat in soy sauce / vinegar solution with onions, peppercorns and bay leaves for about 5 minutes, or until the liquid is reduced to half and the meat is soft. The longer you overcook it, the more it cooks, ultimately creating a simmering heat that creates a delicate meat texture in your mouth. (But don’t burn it).

I love red chiles to make adobo, so I scoop the powdered ancho chiles into a blender and add them to the mix. The fish stew is ready in no time and you have the most ingredients in your pantry already, and it is really easy to make this soup.

You can use any kind of meat you like (even bones – inside or skin – beef is my favourite, but here we are talking about the seafood version). If you have a hot grill, you can grill (I personally roast), you need to make sure it is on the hot part of the grill if you grill. Place on a crispy baking tray and place in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until golden and crispy.

While the dish itself is easy to prepare, the cleaning is the exact opposite. However, there is a downside to cooking pusit: If you simmer the the sauce for too long, it can lose some of its sweetness, which serves as a delightful counterpoint to the sour sauce adobo.

If I’m having a squid version I cut the lower part of the head and the eyes with scissors and cut off a few pieces of skin (I have found that kitchen scissors are best for this, but the right squid is like a chicken and also has a beak). To prepare the whole fish for cooking, I make it large, degrease it, cut off all the fins and cut it in butter. When done in this way, it should be tender enough to bite and chew easily, but not so tender that it will bite too easily. This preserves the texture of both fish and eggplant and does not lose any flavour contrast.

If your available time for cooking is longer, you can use brown rice, but you can always cook it separately. The rice must be eaten and soaked up with the delicious black ink adobo sauce, so eat it as soon as it is cooked, not before.

This Filipino adobo dish is so easy to make, versatile and I love it so much, it is delicious! Since chicken adobo is obviously more popular on the international stage, I tried the seafood version. It pairs perfectly with all the other fresh ingredients so it fits perfectly.

The stew has a slightly smoky spice and really brings everything together in perfect harmony and taste. This dish is ideal for a crowd and is a seafood dish that everyone can enjoy while following any silly rules not to eating beef or pork.

Adobo Seafood

Adobo Seafood ready to eat (serving suggestion)

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