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Burrito (Perfect Ingredients)

This post is a little crazy, but I’ve finally figured out how to make burritos that aren’t soft and taste as delicious as the burrito bar makes them. This morning I made a breakfast burrito for the first time, and it was so good!

Even simple burritos are packed with some of the most delicious, rich and complex flavours that make them taste like something to which you will eat again and again. They are so great to enjoy immediately, and you can even reheat them, if you need a quick hot dinner, i personally enjoy them cold if they last that long.

Simply bang a few perfect ingredients together and you can create a near perfect burrito experience, obviously if you spend time crafting and prepping you can get a better experience but honestly not really necessary. Even if you may not have the best burrito restaurant nearby or like to spend time in your kitchen, you can put together a perfect homemade burrito for you.

The folding of the burrito is important, this contributes to the structural integrity of the burrito, which is an important consideration, especially when you are not eating with a knife and fork.

If you want to increase authenticity a little and have enough time and energy, you can knead flour, dough and lard and make your own tortillas. But, you should make sure the tortilla is warm, as a warm tortilla makes it more flexible and easier to roll.

To make your burrito, place cheese onto a tortilla on a flat surface, insert your filling, and then fold the lower flap of the tortilla over the filling. You should be able to roll the burritos in a straight line, pulling the bottom half upwards to reach the top half.

A key element of burritos is the meat filling, i prefer beef, but you can use any meat you like. The filling of the burrito is particularly good to prepare because the homemade Mexican seasoning is just as good, if not better, than the real one, with just the right amount of spices.

The beef burrito recipe is often referred to as “beef burrito” because of the beef filling, but there are veggies in there too.

If you want to make sure it’s a freezer friendly, you need to forget about the tomatoes, salsa and lettuce, these only lead to soggy tortillas when you defrost.

If you don’t want to choke your burrito, I recommend adding some kind of sauce and or cheese. You want to make sure the burritos are well packaged so none of the fillings come out when you start eating them. you can wrap them in tin foil.

I like to use shredded cheese for my burritos, but I have used a variety of different cheeses, shredded slow-cooked steak, cooked flank steak or slow-shredded beef. I often use a combination of beef fillet, chicken and pork. This gives the burrito a delicious flavour and plenty of protein to satisfy me anytime of day or night.


Burrito ready to eat (serving suggestion)

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