Hainanese Chicken Rice ๐Ÿ˜‹

Hainanese Chicken Rice (perfect ingredients)

I’ve always wanted to try proper Hainanese Chicken Rice since a friend recommended it and I finally had the chance to try it out for myself.

Nuro Bistro menu is filled with dishes that include a wide range of ingredients – onions, rice, pasta and even flavoured rice such as Hainanese Chicken Rice.

The chicken is unique as it is partly fried, as in most Hainan chicken dishes, but the chicken rice I had was delicious.

There are many different ways to cook chicken rice – I usually have the chicken poached, steamed or boiled and then dipped in a sauce. You can dip the chicken in the sauce or just pour it directly on your chicken and rice, it works fine as long as it’s fairly tender and not overly fried.

When the chicken is cooked, cut the chicken into pieces and add it to your rice and allow it to cool for at least 5 minutes before serving.

Some vegetables on a warm plate and a bowl of dip sauce on each side, to make your dinner extra special. You can sprinkle crispy garlic on the rice as well.

I know that some people think that poached chicken can be dry, but if you start with the bones and skin of the chicken breast or leg, you can avoid making dry chicken.

Really, you only want white meat for this dish, you can also make it a little healthier by cooking your rice in broth rather than deep-frying it in chicken fat.

Sometimes i just throw in the chicken, ginger, onions and sesame oil, the whole lot on top of the rice and a little garlic powder, salt and pepper.

There is a restaurant is located at Seoul Plaza that serve a chicken rice dish for $4.95. They poached the whole chicken, slice and serve with a spicy sauce, the rice is boiled in a broth with chicken to enhance the flavour, I highly recommend you try it, they serve this meal with cucumbers, tomatoes, chopped shallots and dipping sauce.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice (serving suggestion)

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