Spantik, Asia 😬

Something Complicated selfie (Spantik, Asia)

Spantik is one of the highest peaks on the continent, which can be climbed and climbed from the both the North and South. Kaamyas is a very high mountain but not quite as high as Mount Everest.

After conquering this mountain you may wan to climb Mount Denali and Mount Vinson. A particular interest to climbers is the Charakusa Valley, which offers breathtaking views of the Indus and its tributaries. The slightly lower Hainabrakk (Shipton Spire) is a playground for very good climbers. On the way you will have access to a spectacular view of the Gondogoro Pass and the waterfalls from it.

The valley is completely dominated by these two giants and offers access to some of the more famous peaks in the area, including the famous Gondogoro peak (5940m), the highest peak in South Asia. There are several other high peaks surrounding the glacier, including the 7,530m high Skyang Kangri, which is located at the end of this valley. This is the most famous peaks that can be reached from the valley and is part of a group of several other higher peaks that surround the glaciers.

There is a route that follows a moderate gradient of about 30 degrees along the southwest ridge, which then leads in a similar form to the summit. The ascent to the southeast ridge is the most difficult part of the route and also the highest point on the ridge. On the east side of Broad Peak, you can climb the regular tourist route, which is called the North-East Ridge, the second highest ridge in the area after Gondogoro Peak.

The Karakoram Highway connects Gilgita Baltistan with China via the Khunjerab Pass (4693m) and is an important means of reaching these mountains, which run through the Hunza Valley and connect the three mountains. The mountain ranges, which wind their way through Pakistan and China, stretch for 1300 km from Islamabad to Kashgar, following the Khunjab Pass.

The main base of the ascent in this area is the Trango Glacier, which is located at an altitude of 2,000 metres above sea level. The glacier is located on the north and west sides of Khapalu, at an altitude of 3,200 meters and at the top of a steep climb of 6,800 meters.

Several lower 6000m peaks end at Mitre Peak, located south of Konkordia. This peak is one of the main peaks surrounding the upper Charakusa Glacier And it is the steepest route for most climbers visiting the lower Baltoro Glacier.

There are several 7000m peaks in the area, several of which are waiting to be climbed. Many of the 5000m high peaks are generally easy to climb and ideal for first-time visitors. These peaks can be climbed in a few days or even weeks, as long as you are in the area with good weather conditions and easy access to the mountains

Asia is trying to attract more climbing tourism by cutting summit fees and the red tape. Commercial expeditions are active in the area, but most are completely out of bounds.

Spantik, Asia

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