Seafood Stew 🤢

Seafood Stew (perfect ingredients)

A soothing stew stuffed with seafood, prawns, cod, clams and more clams, all simmering in a rich broth of tomatoes, white wine and fish broth. It’s an absolute eye-catcher for a dish, but I’m a fish lover myself, so I had to make it. My personal chef is the actual chef responsible for preparing this tomato, shrimp, crab and prawn stew, a healthy soup and an amazingly simple dinner that goes from the fridge to my belly in just half an hour.

A spicy fennel tomato broth can also be prepared and cooled beforehand, and when you’re ready, heat it up on the stove. Add the seafood, turn the heat up, then turn off, add the fish stock, salt, pepper, garlic, cumin, oregano, thyme and salt and pepper and cook until the stew bubbles. Remember that your seafood will continue to cook with the heat from the soup pot, so try not to overcook.

The secret to this delicious seafood stew is to show patience and prepare everything in advance. When adding the clams and shrimp to the stew do it carefully, slowly bringing them to a boil.

If you are cooking mussels in the pot, bring the soup to the boil, then add the fish once the potatoes are soft. The broth comes together quickly and should be prepared the day before.

Basically, all you have to do is to reheat the broth and add the seafood then serve it.

Seafood Stew

Seafood Stew ready to eat (serving suggestion)

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