Chelow Kabab πŸ˜‹

Chelow Kebab (perfect ingredients)

The national dish of Iran, known as chelow kabab, is made with saffron flavoured rice. If you eat a lot of rice in your kebab, eat it with a little saffron to avoid too much of it and too little of the other ingredients in the recipe.

Kabob Koobideh is served with hot Persian steam rice, tossed in butter cubes at room temperature and sprinkled with sumac. It is a typical Persian grilled dish, which consists of a combination of beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fish and a variety of vegetables.

This dish is called “Kabob Soltani” (which means “fit for Soltan”) and the Kababs are served on a bed of rice with a layer of sweet and sour sauce.

If it is well mixed, you can place the meat on a skewer or simply shape it into a long sausage mould. The skewers can either be inserted into the mix after the mix has been made and then placed on the baking tray or they can be rolled into the mix during the prep, If you mix well.

When the mix formed and cooked, you can grill them by cooking them on the skewer to reheat them.

To serve the kebab, quickly pull out the skewer, use a piece of sangak to pull it off the skewer if you are struggling, and then divide it among your guests to enjoy.

A note on cooking skewers: If you use an open-flame grill to cook skewers, the meat forms quickly and boils and is cooked evenly, the meat can also be cooked by wrapping it around a wide metal skewer, which is well heated. Keep the skewers moist and juicy so the meat will fall off the skewers.

It is no exaggeration to say that Kabab Koobideh has one of the most famous Persian foods in the world. The chelo kabab recipe is a foolproof recipe that will impress anyone (even vegans).

In fact, the Chelow Kabab is found in restaurants all over Iran, but you can prepare this popular dish at home. Unfortunately, chelo kabab is not registered as an international food, although it is definitely more popular than many other dishes that belong to other nations.

Chelo kebabs are garnished with fresh herbs and lemon wedges and served with cucumber yogurt salad and rice (you can make cauliflower rice). Other times it can be served with a tomato salad and feta cubes or goat cheese, which is a popular cheese from the Middle East. The best Chelow skewers are garnished with some fresh cabbage and a lemon wedge and served hot.

Persian rice sprinkled with diced soft butter and a dash of sumac and served with the kebab, accompanied by grilled tomatoes and onions and rice, topped with a few tablespoons of saffron rice. Chelo Kabab is served on the bed of rice.

Saffron makes this kabab elegant, you should get saffron, it’s a great addition to this kebab and a perfect accompaniment to any rice dish. Saffron makes a delicious, elegant and easy to eat, easy to cook, delicious and tasty keBab.

Subhani offers a range of variations on this classic, including chelo kabab, karahi, handi – biryani, chicken kebab and even chicken and rice kefir. Vegetarians can choose from a variety of tempting dishes, including the extremely popular deep-fried dal. Vegans can go enjoy an ice cube as per usual.

Chelow Kebab

Chelow Kebab ready to eat (serving suggestion)

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