Al Siq, Jordan ☺️

Something visits al siq, Jordan
Something Complicated selfie (Al Siq, Jordan)

Jordan’s ancient Nabataean city of Petra has ignited the fire of adventurous travellers with its spectacular views of the Jordan River and the famous Al-Siq Canyon. Petra is located in the south-western desert of Jordan and is the most famous archaeological site in the country, dating back to around 300 BC and is part of the larger Petra Archaeological Park. From the narrow gorges of Al-Siq, it was the capital of the Nabatesan Kingdom from the mid-16th to the early 19th century.

You can follow a path through the winding riverbed that flows from Ain Musa, the source of Moses in Petra. The water of Wadi Mudhlim flows through Al-Siq Canyon, past the tomb of Sextius Florentinus, before flowing back into the WADI Musa in the Nymphaeum in the city centre. After a detour, it returns to its original course and flows into the Jordan.

A tunnel almost 90 metres long was dug out of the rock to drain the water and channel it to the site of the ancient city and its famous Al-Siq gorge.

I had the opportunity to ride a camel through the desert, and it was much easier than walking. No trip to Petra would be complete without riding a camel. The sights in Petra are big, it is hot, there are many stairs and it is physically exhausting especially in the heat.

You need at least a full day (preferably a week) to really experience the sights of the city, including the Treasury, the Royal Tombs and the Monastery, you will love them. I spent the day exploring the ancient city of Petra and its many temples and monuments, and enjoyed drinking Arabic coffee while mingling with the locals, then relaxing for a moment, and having something to eat. I enjoyed the desert, the Bedouin stops and the beautiful view of Jordan.

Jordan is a journey full of historical and natural wonders, and I would urge you to consider it one of your getaways. If you are a fan of history and have the urge and means to travel, Petra should be on your list.

A total of 25 Djinn blocks can be seen throughout Petra, but only 3 or 4 are in Bab Al Siq, and only one of them goes to Bab Al-Siq. Those who walk, drive or ride a camel will witness the typically bizarre formations in Petra.

A wide valley that leads to the Siq is known as Bab-al-Siq, or the gate to the Siq, is the beginning of a 1200 meter journey that begins at the gate of the main entrance through to the city of Petra.

Al Siq, Jordan

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