Mansaf 😋

Mansaf preparation (perfect ingredients)

This is definitely a dish for peace, an inspiring meal that celebrates the diverse and tasty food from Jordan. It is probably impossible to find a national dish in Jordan that isn’t mouth watering.

Mansaf is part of Jordanian culture, Mansaf is not just about the food, but about people, history and religious traditions. Mansaf is a food that is deeply rooted in Jordanian culture, and so it is essential for anyone who goes to Jordan to try it. It is not only one of the most popular Jordanian foods, but is also considered the national dish in Jordan.

There is a certain Jordanian pride and meaning that comes with mansaf, and once you’ve tried and experienced you’ll know why. Mansaf is not the only national dish in Jordan, but is the most noteworthy.

Jordanians are serious about their mansaf, and it is considered the ultimate sign of generosity and hospitality when you are invited to their house and served it. Mansaf is based on Bedouin traditions and is served as a sign of respect, but sometimes the host may choose other dishes as they fear that foreigners will find mansaf too exotic.

Mansaf is a Bedouin dish, and is even referred to in the Bible (Qu’ran), as a meat dish combined with a yogurt-based sauce. This dish is made with dried goat yoghurt (also called jam) and rice and lamb, which is wonderful.

The delicious essence of mansaf, is made by boiling sheep’s or goat’s milk, which is then fermented and stored in a woven cheese cloth. When the lamb is ready, the meat pieces are salted and mixed with the thickened milk and then shaped into a ball. As soon as the yoghurt has reached the desired thickness, its simmered over low heat and is seasoned with spices such as coriander, garlic, ginger, cumin and cayenne pepper, as well as other spices.


Mansaf ready to eat (serving suggestion)

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