UPDATE: Facebook are still SHIT 🤬

Facebook review in progress
“Hi, are you a real boy?”
“i don’t think you are a real boy”
“Oh, You are a real boy!”
The image.jpg is the dick pic 😅
“we need to confirm your name, again” 🤦🏾‍♂️

OK! So here we go again, I woke up this morning to find some Facebook spam in my inbox, having not heard from them since they tried to rob me, i assumed they got round to fixing my account.

But, Nope! Just some generic spam they are desperate to tell the world about (even their imaginary friends* obviously).

So, in a nutshell, i clicked the link in the spam email, and facebook needed me to login, i got the “please change your name” message and unable to check messages or do anything but submit documents i decided to submit documents and… a dick pic, they give you 3 uploads so i sent my passport, my drivers permit and a dick pic. Ive never sent a dick pic before so it was an unusual feeling standing in front of the camera with my nob out, but they needed ID so i got on with it.

Not expecting any reply as i had just sent a dick pic and that is considered quite rude where I’m from, i was surprised to receive an email from them!

I was even more surprised when the link they sent me let me login, BUT only to the support mailbox, I couldn’t get anywhere else other than the conversation that we have had this year about my name.

Anyway i sent them my passport, my drivers permit and my freedom pass this time, maybe they will reactivate my account, maybe they wont.

But I will keep you up to date!

*for context in case you are new around here, its an on going (joke?)** that facebook thinks I’m not a real boy.

**I seriously hope its a joke, I don’t feel comfortable thinking i am actually just an imaginary figment in the world.

2 responses to “UPDATE: Facebook are still SHIT 🤬”

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