Chilli Crab 🤢

Chilli Crab preparation (perfect ingredients)

Chilli crab is one of Singapore’s most mean seafood dishes (as in its really very good, not that its a cruel way to treat crabs; crabs are food.).

In addition to this chilli crab dish, you may also want try a pot crab soup, both dishes are perfect for a cold rainy day. This classic Singapore chilli crab recipe is really very simple, but note that it is not a traditional Singaporean chilli crab if its cooked with tomato sauce.

In modern times tomato sauce recipes are found in many restaurants in Singapore tourist districts, as the dish has been adapted for foreign pallet.

Chilli crab will satisfy your craving for seafood and spices, it is sweet, spicy and tasty, making it irresistible. The cool crab and hot chillies in the sauce hit all the right notes of sweetness and spiciness.

If you can’t find a green mud crab or dungeness crab, you can use a crabastone crab or blue crab instead. If someone at your dinner party doesn’t like chilli crabs (such as a vegan), you can prepare excellent black pepper crabs with these same crabs (alternatively you can serve ice cubes as ice cubes don’t offend anyone, crabs do have a rude habit of flipping you the bird when you put them on a plate).

I’m a big fan of spicy chilli sauces and the chilli crab dish stands out because it has a rich, thick sauce that is very spicy and the crab meat is well textured and cool flavoured. The best thing about this dish is that you can adjust the spiciness easily without ruining the dish.

Peanut sauce with chilli-crab sauce is remarkable, adding depth and creaminess that is perfect. If chili crabs are too hot for you, you try a cool crab meat bun, packed with a rich sauce and shreds of crab.

Singapore Chilli Crab is essentially a whole crab fried in a fragrant sauce. You can make it as hot as you like, and each pot will have a different flavour, but basically it’s just simmering fresh crab with a bit of spicy chilli sauce and a bit of ginger and garlic sauce, it sounds more intimidating than the actual taste, because what you get is juicy crab meat paired with sweet but spicy chili sauce.

Chilli Crab

Chilli Crab ready to eat (serving suggestion)

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