Bipimbap 😋

Cows in a barn
Bipimbap preparation (perfect ingredients)

I know most of you know me, but for those that don’t let me welcome you here to my home on the internet, I’m a crazy and I have a doctors note! (I’m not a danger to myself or others so don’t worry, unless you are a snowflake or a vegan, then you should probably avoid me, and my site).

Anyway… If you’ve never heard of bibimbap, it’s a Korean rice bowl topped with kimchi, marinated vegetables, scrambled eggs and rice. It is basically a rice dish, with beef, and other vegetables (see what i did there 😜).

To make bibimbap, place rice in a bowl, add the kimchi, marinated vegetables and fried eggs, portion your mix into serving bowls and enjoy!

Bibimbap can be prepared with a wide selection of vegetables, so do not hesitate to use whatever you want. You can customise the vegetables to your liking and you can even make this a vegetarian dish by not adding the meat. The preparation is extremely simple and takes no time, some recipes only have 10 ingredients.

Gim Kim or ‘Seaweed Bap Rice’ is made from a combination of seaweed and rice with a sweet and spicy kimchi sauce, its goes very well with bibimap.

If you are worried about the spiciness, many restaurants serve variations of bibimbap with little or no spice, so don’t panic, you can still enjoy bibimbap.

You can use the beef broth for cooking rice and garnishing the meal. I did try a purely vegetarian version of the dish and I did think it was ok, but the flavour that comes from all the different vegetables and meat mixed together, is so much better.


Bipimbap ready to eat (serving suggestion)

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