Bigos Stew 😋

Bigos Stew preparation (perfect ingredients)

Polish hunter stew, Bigos, is a hearty, smoky stew filled with rabbit, sausage, bacon and lots of vegetables. This savoury stew is made with the finest ingredients, which creates a complex and enticing taste.

This amazing comfort food achieves the perfect balance between meaty, spicy and earthy flavours. You can add some chopped fresh white cabbage so it stretches and you can a larger amount of bigos without spending over the odds. The meat and cabbage is very tender and with the right amount of salt and pepper is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

Basically cook some carrots, mushrooms, sauerkraut and cabbage in a pan, until they are tender and then leave to soften, add the boiled rabbit and the chopped chillies, stir occasionally, until the cabbage is very soft and browned, mix in some tomatoes over medium heat and simmer, add some spices, and enjoy.

The sauerkraut and cabbage act as fillers, allowing you to reduce the amount of meat in the bowl, this is good if you are on a budget. Sauerkraut is Polish sausage, it is quite salty, so you need to add a little pepper to taste. I prefer rabbit, although traditionally any leftover meat can be used, such as pork, beef or even venison.

A classic is beef stew, but a stew with pork or rabbit can be much tastier.

Traditionally, large amounts of this savoury stew are cooked and then frozen, as it preserves very well. When defrosting you can add fresh meat from the hunt of the day to the pot for a freshly cooked experience.

Bigos Stew

Bigos Stew ready to eat (serving suggestion)

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