Bangers and Mash 😋

Black pig
Bangers and mash preparation (perfect ingredients)

Succulent sausages on a bed of buttery mashed potatoes, soaked in a rich onion sauce, is the best and tastiest dish in the world. Did i tell you how delicious this dish is yet?

Bangers and mash, also known as sausage and potatoes, is a hearty and delicious meal it consists of three main ingredients, mashed potatoes, onion gravy and sausage, all served together for a juicy and savoury meal.

Basically, mash some potatoes with butter, cook some sausages and place in all on a plate and cover in an onion based gravy, and boom! You got a meal.

Add some salt, pepper and garlic powder for extra yumminess.

Use milk and butter for the mash potato to make the potatoes very creamy. The classic bangers and mash is made using thick pork sausage, but you can use any sausage you like. I really like beef sausage myself.

The sausages get so juicy when fried in a pan, but you can cook them how you like. I like to pump up the flavour of bangers by adding mustard or other spices whilst they are cooking, but you don’t need it. French mustard can give a mild spicy flavour and can be added to the mash as well.

Adding pickled cabbage and butter to the mash is reallly very good too.

Potatoes and sausages can be packed together in a plastic box for a simple whole meal later, but I recommend keeping them separate until you’re ready to heat them up and serve. Also get some cheese to put on top of this meal, you wont regret it.

With the best quality sausages you can find and a creamy mash, this is the best simple dish you can ever prepare. Making the creamy mashed potato with beef broth is just so delicious, it’s one of my favourite dishes ever.

Bangers And Mash

Bangers and mash ready to eat (serving suggestion)

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