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Seaford is the top ten most popular places that Britons move to. The town is located opposite the chalk area of the South Downs, the coast to the east is a huge pebble beach and a series of chalk rocks, with the sea just a few hundred meters from the beach. The stretch between Cuckmere Haven and Birling Gap is characterised by a series of steep cliffs and a narrow, rocky path leading up to the cliffs.

One of the best ways to experience the Seven Sisters cliffs is to take a walk along the coastal paths between Seaford and Eastbourne, if you’re interested in rock climbing you can do that as well.

I think the view is more spectacular if you go east, but you can easily miss a few beautiful views of the coast by taking one of the many shortcuts.

If you start your journey at Eastbourne, you can end up in Brighton but it may take a few days of walking. Red Brighton Blue is a top rated hotel, located almost directly on the sea front.

If you end up in Seaford, you should definitely check out Brighton and Hove Theatre, its in Brighton (not so far away from Seaford) and it stages four productions a year. Seaford has a number of really good restaurants, including Fish & Chips, as well as a variety of bars and pubs.

Seaford Rugby Football Club, affiliated to Sussex County Rugby and Football Union, play in the same location. Seafords public transport served by the Brighton and Hove City bus lines, which run from Brighton to Eastbourne monday to friday, however the saturday lines are operated by Compass Bus.

The Seaford Museum is located in Martello Tower, which is located at the eastern end of Seaford’s seafront promenade, it is the only museum of its kind in England and one of the oldest in Britain.

Also Seaford is recognised as one of the top five most popular holiday destinations in the UK, with one of the best seaside resorts in England.

Seaford has its rainbow-coloured beach huts and beautiful beaches and a population of roughly 27,000, it is the largest city in the borough of Lewes and is part of Brighton and Hove, The town has a small centre, which is home to a number of charity and specialty shops, including toy shops, fishmongers and bakeries. There are many shops in the area.

Seaford, UK

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