La Barra, Uruguay 😳

Something visits la Barra Uruguay
Something Complicated selfie (La Barra, Uruguay)

Uruguay is a country where you can enjoy a unique mix of cultures and traditions that prove to be great. Wedged between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay has become the part of the world with which I fell deeply in love with.

Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, was a Spanish citadel and still has the landmarks that characterises it. I was visiting what the locals call the city and I strolled down Route 10 with a few other tourists and a few friends from the nearby town of La Barra. The area offered a great view.

Among the many tourist attractions in Uruguay there is the Maritime Museum,

which combines an art museum, art galleries, antiques, restaurants and a hotel. A lot of restaurants are dedicated to seafood menus.

Punta is also a really cool destination for visiting in any season, and many of those who choose La Barra for their holidays visit several beaches during their stay to make the most of their holiday. Many tourists from Uruguay stay on the beach, especially in the summer months, most of them don’t realise how hot Uruguay is and turn into red lobsters.

You can also shop in local shops such as El Punta, El Parque, La Punta del Estero and El Tarde, as well as in Toda Edade, a popular tourist destination. If you are looking for a party, visit Uruguay in the summer months, you’ll love it. You can enjoy beautiful white sandy beaches or rent a boat and sail at sea, or you can stay in a bungalow or small house in a beautiful and relaxing Uruguayan village.

Situated at the mouth of the Maldonado stream, there is a beach that gets very busy in high season, but it maintains a family atmosphere. Located near the beach, is a hotel that offers a quiet environment and comfortable accommodation and is known as a beautiful place to relax and unwind. Bikini Beach is located not far from La Barra and is well filled with women who are stacked in bikinis in high season.

At Punta del Este Resort it is a bit quieter and and place where you can try your luck at the casino, enjoy the theatre or rent a villa or cottages and go to the beach to watch surfers and fishermen explore the ocean.

Besides the surf beaches, La Barra is known for its special events such as weddings and VIP parties.

La Barra, Uruguay

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