Chicken Savoy 😋

Chicken and chicks
Chicken Savoy preparation (perfect ingredients)

The chicken savoy, has been around for a long time and has gained a certain reputation in New Jersey, not only because of its delicacy, but also because the recipe has been passed around and reinvented so many times no one actually knows what the original dish looks like. It seems to have attracted the attention of all and is on most menus.

At roughly 74.9 mg per 200 calories, most chicken savoy recipes have excessive cholesterol, and in some cases more than twice the amount of similar dishes. The chicken savoy has the lowest fibre to calorie content than most meals.

I’ve searched for a few recipes online for the Chicken Savoy, but I’ve found none to be very accurate, so Ive been flipping through them all, to see which one is tastiest.

Variations such as chicken and spinach with tomato sauce, chicken salad with tomatoes and chicken with rocket are the best, I have found.

Chicken Savoy

Chicken Savoy ready to eat (serving suggestion)

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