Hochgolling, Austria 🤣

Hochgolling, Austria
Something Complicated selfie (Hochgolling, Austria)

Hochgolling is a popular tourist destination and is reached from Chamonix by a cable car that brings visitors near Mont Blanc. The view from the summit offers a view of the far eastern Alps, it is located in the Stubai Alps and is at 1,743 m above sea level the highest peak in Austria and the second highest in Europe after the Hochalmspitze.

At 3,505 metres, at the southern end of the Stubai Valley the Reisseck also known as Großer Reissck is one of the highest peaks in Austria and its a really nice rock to climb. The mountain also gives its name to the municipality of Reisseck, and is located south of the Molltal valley.

If you reach the top, you can see Villgraten in the Deferegger Alps, also called the Defreggen Mountains, they are the highest mountains in Germany and the second highest in Europe after the Alps.

Villgraten, is a small village with just over 1,000 inhabitants.

The main chain of the Alps, also called the Alpine Divide, is the central line of mountains that forms the watershed between the mountain ranges. The Alps are something of an unusual case, with several significant mountain groups separating the main chains over considerable distances. Traditionally, the main chain of a mountain generally includes the highest peaks of the mountain. In the Stubai Alps, the main chain is the southern part of the larger Ankogel group, separated by the Hochalmspitze and its high peaks.

The Hohentauern is a mountain in the Carnic Alps, which lies on the border between Friuli, Italy and Carinthia in Austria. It is located 1743m above sea level. The Trogscope is bordered by the mountains of the Carnic Alps, which border Italy and Austria, and is located near the town of Wolz, a popular tourist destination for mountaineers and mountain bikers.

The highest peak of the eastern group is the Hochwildstelle, which is located on the main ridge of the Carnic Mountains at an altitude of about 2000m. With its large summit plateau, the mountain resembles a huge cubic boulder and dominates the view for miles.

Basically, winter sports lovers have no problem finding a place that is suitable for an active winter holiday here in Austria. There many alpine ski resorts in Austria. The Central Alpine Trail has beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and is one of the most beautiful hikes that you can enjoy in the Alps. If you are lucky enough to be able to climb the ridges, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and I’d recommend you doodle a little whilst up there, or at least take a few photos.

A trip to this beautiful landscape, can be done with the help of a guide, if you are visiting for the first time, you should book a guide, there are plenty available.

This particular mountain range is diverse and includes many different mountain ranges, from high mountains to low mountains to some valleys and gorges.

There are plenty of valleys around here too, and with fresh, clear flowing water from lake to lake and pond to pond, protected as a nature park.

Hochgolling, Austria

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