Tafelspitz 😋

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Tafelspitz preparation (perfect ingredients)

The Tafelspitz is considered by many as the national dish of Austria and is a beef cooked with root vegetables and spices. It is usually served with roast potatoes, but boiled potatoes or potato pancakes are also popular. In Germany it is often served as a sausage or hamburger, in Austria it is often baked.

The fat on the meat is an essential part of this dish as it keeps the meat juicy, if you have an unusually large fat cap, cut off only a small portion of the fat.

When cooking the meat, throw in a few bay leaves and top it all with a little bit of salt. Then add the onions, garlic, cumin, black pepper and cayenne pepper to the pan. If you are cooking ox, it is important that the fat of the ox should not be yellow, but completely white.

You can use any bones you have to make the broth.

Traditional tafelspitz is made from a specific cut of beef and then boiled in water. You could translate tafelspitz as breast puree. tafelspitz also goes well with cooked noodles, pancake strips or rice.

The aim when cooking this dish is to make the meat so soft that a fork goes through it easily. Although this dish is traditionally cooked on the stove, it is one of those dishes where you can use a pot cooker. Sometimes the left over broth is served as a soup,


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