Nacmine, Canada 😛

Something Complicated selfie (Nacmine, Canada)

Take one of 6 ferries leaving Alberta for a unique scenic ride down the Bow River to the city of Calgary, or you can jump aboard a locomotive built in 1936, go underground and even hear the sounds of an abandoned mine in the heart of Nacmine. You can tour and learn about the history of mining, as well as other important industry’s in Canada.

Travel back in time and see Alberta’s diverse landscape learn about Canada’s rich history; Nacmine has all you need. The history of fossil collecting in Alberta dates back to the late 19th century, when the first dinosaur remains were found elsewhere in Canada, muesuems quickly established themselves, and now modern exhibits allow you to go back in time and see some of the most important fossils collected in the last century.

The Drumheller Valley was once the coal mining capital of Canada, and today it houses the Atlas Coal Mine, a preserved chapter of history, from when coal was king. When Atlas shipped its last cargo of coal in 1979, the coal years for Drumheller were over, according to the Canadian Energy Ministry, Drumheller had produced 56,864,808 tons of coal, making it Canada’s second largest coal-producing region, sadly however, along came solar panels and took the poor coal miners jobs. (They took are jobs!)

There is no better way to experience the history of the Drumheller Coal Mine and its history than with a tour through the province. The Canadian North Railway Station has also been restored into the Alberta Museum of Natural History, a museum of Alberta’s history and heritage.

The Canadian geologist who found the first dinosaur fossil in 1884, known locally as mussels, is observed as one of the world’s most notable fossil collector, set up a community-based participatory research program, interwoven with indigenous knowledge, which today, serves as a guide to charity’s and organisations dedicated to preserving history in the local area.

Nacmine, Canada

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