Goza, Malta ☺️

Goza, Malta
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There is no shortage of sights to see in Gozo and Malta, but everyone of them is always better than the last, and no place you can visit here is insurmountable. No matter how many times you have been to Gozo, whether you spend your time visiting the sights or checking facebook, you will know you are in Malta. There have been sieges, violent takeovers and so much other history crammed into a small island that it has overflowed, you can feel it, you can smell it, you are in Malta.

From the early days of the Ottoman Empire to the present day Malta has made a name for itself. The Normans came to power in 1090 and the Maltese islands were also ruled by the Aragonese among other conquerors. After many changes of ownership, the order of St. John came to Malta in 1530 and was it became an extension of Sicily, during this period, Malta, along with Gozo, experienced a period of rapid expansion, the Turkish Armada got bored and besieged Malta in the famous Great Siege of Malta.

Goza was once inhabited by a small number of settlements consisting of a citadel and surrounding suburbs. The air force attacked, leaving Gozo as Mediterranean island. The Phoenicians and Carthaginians in Malta decided to open the island up to widespread trade, and built flourishing communities and sophisticated complexes that brought culture and prosperity to the island. Knights came and colonised it, which led to great changes for all the Maltese on the island.

In 1798 Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Malta, but his rule lasted only two years, when the Maltese got bored and rebelled against the British, they killed him.

Malta has a long history of trade, as evidenced by the presence of a large number of archaeological sites on Gozo and other parts of the island.

The Blue Lagoon on the small, rugged island of Comino is definitely worth a day trip during your visit to Malta. Hagar Qim is a great place to go, swim and dive.

Gozo is one of the smallest states in the world and has a chequered history and a rich cultural heritage, known especially for rabbit shooting and a beach. To get around Gozo, a canal company regularly operates ferries, there are also many excursions.

There are seven megalithic temples are located on the island, you can explore these temples, they can be described as the oldest free-standing buildings in the world.

Although Gozo is small and you can walk for hours without meeting anyone. You can rent a car in Goza or take public transport, to visit some of the most beautiful places in the country, such as the beaches, the mountains and even the countryside. A bus network runs through Gozo and offers visitors a cost-effective and efficient way to make the most of what the island has to offer.

The Mediterranean Sea, and Comino is a paradise for snorkelers, divers, windsurfers and hikers. A visit to the Maltese islands would not be complete without a stop on the tiny island of Comino, just a few hundred metres from the capital Malta, with a coastline and beaches stretching across the island and over 7,000 years of history.

Gozo is very inviting and home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and the best beaches in the world. There is a lot to see and do in Gozo.

Gozo, Malta

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