Eastern Province, Sierra Leone 🙃

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Sierra Leone has the third largest harbour in the world and is always looking forward to the arrival of cruise ships. During the tribal war in Sierra Leone, the town served as a refuge for the Sherbro ethnic group, who fled the area. The city of Freetown, with its wealth of rare animal species, has been one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations for many years.

In the 1970s, the SLST was nationalised, a part of the Sierra Leone National Park, no longer a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the land on the Tongo River was searched for diamonds. This resulted in the largest diamond search in the world with more than 1.5 million tons of diamonds found.

There is a strong rivalry in Sierra Leone and participants in large demonstrations can become aggressive with each other and with the police. War and violent outbreaks, are a more frequent here than in other parts of Africa.

Despite improved access to health care, Sierra Leone continues to struggle with rising inflation and a youth with limited employment prospects. Local community leaders and health workers are responsible for ending the Ebola outbreak in Leone in 2016.

Drug trafficking and cultivation exist in Sierra Leone and continue to threaten the stability and security of the region. The increase in drug trafficking within and outside Sierra Liberia and the spread of organised crime in the country are a worrying trend.

The western part includes the islands of Dublin and Ricketts, which include the island of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, as well as parts of Loko and Lobo. The western part of the west borders Fretown to the south, east, west and southwest and includes all the islands in the western area, with the exception of the small islands of Gueckedou, Kailahun and Kivu.

The capital and administrative center is Freetown, a city that is the capital of the Kenema District and an important economic center of the eastern province. The western part of the area is mostly on a peninsula and is divided into three districts: Bo, Kailahun and Lofa, with a total population of about 1.5 million people. It is also home to the country’s second largest city, the city of Bo and its capital, Bo is one of Sierra Leone’s most populous cities and the province’s second largest economy. Although it has a relatively low population density and low levels of poverty, it is not, by some estimates, the richest region of Tierra del Fuego.

Places: Eastern Province, Sierra Leone

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