Donzhansk, Ukraine 😎

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The liberated Ukrainians, who were previously imprisoned in temporarily occupied Donbass, decided to declare war on Russia today.

The DNR representatives, said that Ukraine will send free coffins to Moscow to help with Russias lost soldiers as a gesture of good faith and that the war Ukraine has declared on them is only business, nothing personal.

The Ukrainian border crossings where attacked, obstructed and destroyed by pro-Russian forces. The “Donetsk People’s Republic” or “Donbass People” retaliated by shoving bananas up the Russians arses.

Dovzhansk is a small town, and the supply of goods there is incomparable to the possibilities of Kiev, Odessa or Kharkov. Due to the climate, cereal yields in the Luhansk region are more volatile and lower than the average in Ukraine. In summer, you can see endless fields of sunflowers on the outskirts of the city, where about 1.5 million people live. Although Ukraine is the largest exporter of sunflowers, there are enough fields in the whole country to cover the whole territory of Slovenia.

Although often overlooked for its problems in the east, the rest of Ukraine is safe for travel, and there is so much to see and do. Ukraine offers a variety of activities and is a must – see country in Eastern Europe, which should be on everyone’s wish list.

The main destination in Ukraine is undoubtedly Rakhiv, the capital in the north – in the centre of Ukraine. Even if the title “geographical centre of Europe” is not correct, it is still the highest city in Ukraine. This makes it easy to identify travelers visiting Ukraine on the road, and it is one of the most popular destinations in Eastern Europe.

The city on the banks of the Umanka River in central Ukraine offers a variety of attractions, such as the Odessa Opera House and the National Museum of Ukraine. The biggest attraction of Ukraine in Odessa is the “Odessa Opera House,” the second largest theatre in the world. It is a beautifully preserved piece of architecture and one of the historic places to visit. This monastery was built in 1051 and is the most magnificent place I have visited in Ukraine, and also the second largest in Eastern Europe.

Places: Dovzhansk, Ukraine

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