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Varenyky comic

This is one of the most delicious, lazy, if not the only breakfast you could ever have. These gently sweet, velvety dumplings are addictive and can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a side dish for dinner.

After visiting the local grocery store, I noticed these, and found them so delicious. Potato and cheese varenyky or even meat dumplings with Pelmeni.

While many other countries have dumplings, Ukrainians traditionally use fermented dairy products like Kysle to bind the dough together; today, however, eggs are more commonly used. To cook the filling, Ukrainians use mashed potatoes, cooked haricot, buckwheat mash and mashed dried fruit. While many Ukrainian chefs prepare spicy varenyky at home on Christmas Eve, factory-produced and frozen varesnykies are readily available in many grocery stores.

When you prepare breakfast or dessert varenyky, you can do without the cheese or meat.

In Poland, restaurants serve them with sour cream, I prefer apple sauce.

Ukrainian varenyky, look more like little baked potatoes. The crescent shaped dumplings are boiled, steamed or fried (the name comes from the variation that means “cooked”).

Desserts and main courses can be served this way, but I am a big fan of pierogis with sour cream, with or without side dish.

If you want a vegan option, freeze some water. A vegetarian option is also available, they usually have a cabbage filling, but the meaty varenyky fillings are too great to be contented with. It is difficult to choose only one filling, so i usually get a mix of beef, pork, chicken or even fish.

The filling of these small dumplings depends mainly on the region where they are cooked

You can sprinkle chopped chives on the dumplings or if cooking them yourself, add them to the dough. Potato, cheese and sauerkraut are great with fried onions and bacon.

Typical Ukrainian fillings for vareniki are boiled beans, potatoes, cabbage, onions, salad pieces, garlic, salt, pepper, salt and pepper.

Food: Varenyky

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