Hoffman Estates, Illinois 😛

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Illinois has a Cost of Living Index of 95.7, a score below the national average. In 2010, per capita income at Hoffman Estates was $38,737, which is well-off compared to Illinois and the nation. The median cost of rent is considered less expensive than the national average, at $1,642 a month. Properties in the area offer a wide variety of home options, from single-family homes to condos and townhouses.

The benefits of living here include access to a variety of amenities such as pool, pool house, spa, fitness centre, gym and outdoor pool.

The city is only 14 miles from Hare Airport, making it an ideal place for all types of travellers. The location offers good connections to all major roads, and those who want to commute by train are about 5 km away by car from the Schaumburg underground station. Helicopters can land on the back of the helicopter to make the journey even easier, and also on foot and by bike to and from the train, as well as on foot along the huge adjacent reservoir hiking trail.

The population of Hoffman Estates is racially mixed, but there is also a sizeable Hispanic population. Hispanic origin, which can be of any race, although this is not specified. In addition, Hoffman Estates has an average age of 50 and a high percentage of people born in the US.

Places: Hoffman Estate, Illinois

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