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For many of us, instant noodles are a backup pantry to dig in to when we are short of money or time, and these noodles can be found for sale at almost every supermarket.

Fresh Chinese noodles are made by pulling dough, to form a noodle. Rice noodles are the most popular dish eaten in a typical Guilin breakfast. Chinese noodles, known as jook – se nudelles, are made by the cook jumping on giant bamboo stalks, the production of these noodles is a technical miracle, as the cook uses a lot of energy.

Most noodles cook in boiling water in just a few minutes, but thicker noodles may need longer.

Basically, put the noodles in a boiling pot of water and stir occasionally, add flavouring, Enjoy!

If you have never cooked yourself, do try fresh supermarket value noodles, and you will take your pasta experience to a whole new level. There are many canned soups, shredded chicken and other leafy things you can add to your noodles to make a whole meal.

Takeout noodles, the gold standard, comes with the right amount of sauce and the right pasta, but then there are many other options available to you at the grocery store.

Boiled noodles can be used in soups, stirred-fried or in Sichuan Liang mian, where they are covered with a spicy sesame paste sauce. Blanched and refreshed, they are delicious when blanched, and can be added to other foods. Lo Mein is still delicious made from dried noodles, but made dry, it is much more aromatic than dried.

Simply add a can of tuna or American cheese to your noodles and drain the ramen noodles to make them taste great.

When it comes to the fantastic noodle bowls, there are Shio ramen (seasoned with salt), Shyoyo Rama (seasoned with tamari, shoyu and soy sauce), miso ramen (seasoned with miso) and shiitake ramen (seasoned with salt and miso). Ramen noodles are cooked on until they are served, and nothing is sad or mushy like overcooked lumps of ramming plants. The world loves these noodles.

Food: Noodles

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