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It is no secret that there are many other cities in Japan, including Osaka, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Shizuoka, and Yokohama, but there is no place in Hakone that is as beautiful as it is. While there are many attractions and activities in and around Hak, the city itself is active. Sources: 0, 7, 13

Although Hakone is only a short drive from Tokyo, it tends to be more popular with travelers who take a day trip to the city’s hot springs and other parts of Japan. To fully enjoy the Japanese thermal spring, it is best to stay overnight in Ryokan, a Japanese inn near the hottest springs. Some of the best hot waters in Hakon can also be visited on day trips, but if you decide to stay somewhere without onsen, you should visit them on your own. Sources: 5, 8, 11, 13

Not only that, there is something that can be experienced better than telling you, but in fact it is the only traditional inn in Hakone that allows you to see Lake Ashi Fuji – san once. Sources: 0, 6

The beautiful cherry blossoms are the autumn colours you are looking for, and therefore they are also offered in Hakone at the end of October and the beginning of November. It offers stunning views and is a beautiful place to visit all year round – and a must-see – to make room for you to enrich your trip to Japan. Sights include Lake Ashi Fuji – san, the beautiful cherry blossoms and of course the lake itself. Sources: 1, 8, 12, 13

If you want to have an extra day and enjoy a bit more of Japan without travelling very far from Tokyo, you should go to Kanagawa Prefecture. If you are travelling from the west to Hakone, for example from Kyoto or Osaka, you might want to take the Shinkansen to Odawara Station. Owakudani Station, where you can experience some of the most unique things to do in Hakon, or even in the whole of Japan. Sources: 10, 12, 13, 15

The area is full of pampered spas, hotels and geothermal baths and is one of Japan’s most popular tourist destinations. Sources: 3, 4

The city and its surroundings are most famous for their hot springs, but they also have their own unique attractions, such as the Hakone Open Air Museum and the Niigata Echigo Tsumari art field. Of course, there is also the famous Onsen, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tokyo, and an adjacent museum with its own collection of artworks. Experienced travelers to Japan might compare it to Tsumari Art Field, where the artwork is surrounded by mountains and nature. Hak one is the largest open-air museum of its kind in Japan and features over 1,000 works by artists from around the world, many of whom are exhibited at the museum itself and elsewhere in Tokyo. Sources: 0, 7, 14

Japanese – Ryokane in the Hak one, including the lake itself and the city’s famous hot springs, and it is set in a mountain range surrounding Mount Fuji, offering views of the Tokyo skyline and mountains to the east and west of it. Sources: 4, 7

There are also Hakone free passes that you can buy if you also want to travel to the area around Mount Fuji and Kamakura, and then you have to do the Hak Tour – the Mt Fuji Tour. Visit some of Japan’s most famous landmarks, enjoy a ride on Lake Ashi, see the breathtaking views of Hakon, try the view of Mount Fuji from the top of the mountain or even visit the shrine at the foot of the mountain. Then the Hakone Shrine on the shores of this lake offers you the opportunity to worship Mother Nature by looking at some of Japan’s most precious relics. Sources: 6, 7, 9, 14

Finally, you reach Hakone Jinja, a Shinto shrine best known for its much-photographed Torii Gate, which faces Ashinoko. Gen is the Torii Gate, which floats on the edge of Lake Ashi and is one of Japan’s most popular tourist attractions. Sources: 4, 12

Hakone was once part of the old Tokaido Highway that connected Edo (now Tokyo) with Kyoto, and was once the stop for stops along the highway. It is very easy to get to from Tokyo; it takes only 2-2.5 hours to get to the greater Tokyo area, and a large number of travellers take a day trip to Tokyo and get off at Hakone, as it takes only 1-1 / 5 an hour to get to Hakones. While many people take the romanecar, express trains also run from Shinjuku to Hak one day a week, so you can still visit some of Japan’s most famous Shinto shrines on foot, such as Torii Gate and Ashinoko. Sources: 2, 4, 14

Places: Owakudani, Japan

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