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The mountain is better known as the peak of Mahameru, as it has the highest peak on Java Island and is a popular mountain for climbers. It is also Sumatra’s largest national park and bears the same name as Tangerang, the second highest mountain on the island of Indonesia. Sources: 0, 3, 5

Indonesia has 147 volcanoes covering 1.2 million square kilometres, 76 of which are active. The first four volcanoes occur in Sumatra, Mount Sinabung is located on Sumatra Island, the last two in Borneo. Sources: 0

The more well-known include the Sumatran orangutan sanctuary at Bukit Lawang in Sumatra and Mount Sinabung in Borneo, the largest volcano in the world. Bukits lawang is a large wildlife sanctuary for Sumatran orangutans with more than 1,000 species of animals and more than 1.5 million hectares of land. Sources: 3, 8

This area is home to the Minangkabau indigenous tribe in West Sumatra, and several traditional villages are visited. The highest point, Bukit Barisan Selatan, is bordered by Gunung Pulung, surrounded by mountain forest, coastal rainforest and mangroves. Sources: 3

None of these volcanoes reaches such a height, with the highest, Kerinci on Sumatra, at 3805 metres. None of these is technically difficult, although there are some technical climbs in eastern Indonesia and Papua. They are considered to be different from other volcanic peaks in Indonesia, such as Kuta Mountain in West Java and Sumatran in East Java. Sources: 0, 8

Javanese edelweiss (Anaphalis javanica), which grows only on these volcanoes, is one of the most popular plant species in the world and the only one in Indonesia. Due to the mountaineering activity of mountaineers and hikers, and the altitude of these mountains, the Swiss plant is picked and is very popular with mountaineers, but its population is declining, as are that of other plants in the mountains. Sources: 1, 4

A typical year in Indonesia is marked by at least one significant eruption somewhere in the archipelago, and there are many active volcanoes, giving Indonesia the highest number of volcanic eruptions per year in all Asian and world countries. The problem in dealing with tremors and disasters in Indonesia is the high number of people living near the volcanoes. In the case of Mount Talang, the number of people affected by an outbreak is relatively high compared to other natural disasters in Jakarta, due to its high population density. Sources: 0, 8

Indonesia is currently experiencing problems with eruptions and disasters, and almost every country that has volcanoes will face them. In fact, 10% of Indonesia’s population lives in the area of Mount Talang, which is the highest number of people in a country prone to eruptions and disasters. Sources: 0

The most important volcanoes in the region are Marapi and Kerinci, both of which are particularly active, and the latter is also home to one of the most dangerous volcanic eruptions in recent history. The Kelud is classified as a stratovolcano, as the height of this volcano is higher than that of Krakatoa, the second highest volcano in Indonesia. The mountain is located on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia, and with an altitude of 2986 m above sea level is the highest mountain in Southeast Asia and also the third highest mountain in Southeast Asia. Sources: 0, 8

It is directly or indirectly related to the subduction of the Indo-Australian Plate and is located at the intersection of two large tectonic plates, the East-West Plate and the South Pacific Plate, which produces a number of volcanoes such as Krakatoa, Kerinci, Marapi and Kelud, among many others. Sources: 0, 2

It is one of the most active stratovolcanoes in Indonesia, characterised by the growth of lava domes and dome lintels accompanied by dangerous pyroclastic flows. The eruptive characteristics of this volcano differ from those of other volcanoes in Indonesia and it also has a great geothermal potential. It is home to the only narrow strait separating Bali from Java in the east, and also the highest point of Sumatra. Sources: 0, 8

This statement is supported by studies indicating that Indonesia’s volcanic eruption index is not influenced by the rest period. Changes in the behaviour of volcanic eruptions in Indonesia are also evident in the number of volcanic eruptions and the frequency of them in recent years. Sources: 0

There is a lot of uncertainty in the scientific community about the link between Mount Talang and the eruption of Mount Sumatra. There is some concrete evidence that these two incidents are linked. Sources: 6, 7

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