Potato Salad 😋

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I’ve made many potato salad recipes over the years, but nothing compares to a traditional Russian potato salad pureed with mustard, pickles and hard-roasted eggs.

Purple potatoes, beetroot and tomatoes brighten up a potato salad that meets panzanella in this dish, or a potato salad dressed with balsamic vinegar and topped with salad with a hint of basil, is great for any occasion.

The key to a great potato salad is the potatoes, boiled enough so they absorb the flavour better.

Homemade potato salads will last 3-4 days if stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container. You can also keep it in a freezer, nearly forever, but you wouldn’t be enjoying eating it.

You want the potatoes in a good potato salad to keep their shape and not to disintegrate into mashed potatoes – like porridge. The best potatoes for potato salad are those that contain a little salt, make sure you choose the right type of potato, not too heavy or too light, you need perfect spuds.

Waxy potatoes retain their shape and consistency when cooked and keep well in this potato salad. These are great for mustard potato salad because they have a starch that allows it to hold its shape well. When you cook them, you feel a crumblier, starchy consistency that increases the creaminess of the potato salad, just like mashed potatoes, but not.

Most potato salads use Yukon Gold or red potatoes as their base, but my ideal potato salad uses gold – finger potatoes because they are more tender and less starchy. The tender Brussels potatoes combine with hard-boiled eggs and chopped fresh herbs such as chives, dill and parsley to make a tasty side dish. You can also garnish your potato salad with a boiled egg and fresh vegetables such as fresh basil, fresh coriander or a few sliced red onions, a few boiled or chopped hard eggs or even a pinch of salt and pepper.

Food: Potato Salad

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