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Russia is simply not available to people, i.e. there is simply not enough information about them. We lack detailed information on the Soviet Union. Sources: 0

The extent of the spoils from the industrial production of TC in the USSR was always remarkable, but we do not know how many captured TC were held in the Soviet Union and Germany after 1945. We know that the Soviet Union dumped some of its nuclear waste in the Baltic Sea in 1947. Unlike the West, Yperite could not be distilled and stored in a stabilized form for long periods of time and was distilled in large quantities. Sources: 0

As this is the first of its kind, it is possible to investigate the problems related to chemical weapons in Russia as thoroughly as one would like. The army, Russian authorities and generals have given us very detailed information about the production of TC in the Soviet Union and its use. Let there be no doubt that military chemical secrets, even shameful ones, have been salvaged, not for Russia itself, but for the USSR. Sources: 0

It is necessary to create a new, independent, non-military structure to protect chemical weapons in Russia. I assume that I will oversee the security operation and the destruction of chemical weapons, but I could hardly have experience of this kind of work. Other sites that could be defined as non-military structures remain within the remit of Russian government agencies, such as the Ministry of Defense, the National Security Agency, and the Federal Security Service. Sources: 0, 1

Secondly, the list of agency secrets will only become effective after publication, and this is the norm under the RFSFR Constitution, which has been in force since December 1993 and was adopted by the Russian Constitution on 12 December 1993. This problem received even greater attention in January and February 1994, when the Moscow City Court tried to hold a closed hearing in the case of V.S. Mirzayanov. Sources: 0

Lieutenant-Governor Alexei Shipilov remarked at the time, I heard a lot about Surgut because it is the capital of the Russian workers. Under Russian law, there is no legal obligation to export US VX intermediate gas to another country. Gas from the intermediate stage of the Soviet Union – V can be freely exported, and most stocks of chemical weapons in Russia can be stored in the Soviet Union, where they cannot be reused. Sources: 0, 1

The people of that country are not being told the truth about the use of chemical weapons in the Soviet Union – by the United States of America. Sources: 0

Moreover, Russian intelligence services are actively cleaning up the visual content that proves the Russian army’s involvement in the war. My work is available here and I am happy to share it with the two main audiences. Sources: 0, 2

First, the implementation of these decisions had nothing to do with the aggressive intentions of the Soviet Union in Iraq. The only commandment was the interest of our people and the people, not that of a foreign power or a military power. Sources: 0

We also know that construction of Yperit production facilities was planned and started in the pre-war years. Indeed, large-scale industrial production in telecommunications has been organized since the Soviet Union’s beginnings, with numerous attempts to expand geography. According to a report sent to the People’s Commissar of Defense K. Ye in 1937, there was a risk of a re-test for Moscow citizens. We discussed the possibility of fully organizing industrial production in all types of TC within the Soviet Union and drew up several lists. Sources: 0

Places: Yurga, Russia

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