Tamales ๐Ÿ˜‹

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Authentic tamales stuffed with pork, chicken, beans and cheese and cooked on the hob, makes for an awesome meal.

Separate the masas from the corn husks, put them in the steam basket and fill with the tamales. If you have a full pot to mount your tamale, fill the bottom of the steam pot with water before assembling, making sure that the bottom of the tamalas is not in the water. Cook on the stove for about 10 minutes until the tamales are hot and cooked through for about 5 minutes.

Everyone needs authentic Mexican tamales in their life.

I ate a lot of tamale while I travelled Mexico and I made them on several occasions, so I know that they are essentially the snack. Mexican tamales are a combination of two main ingredients: pork and chilli sauce, some are chicken and chilli, however the most common is the “isssbe,” a pork tamala with red and green chiles and sauce.

A delicious variant is the tamale with cheese and spicy rajas (chilli strips), but there is also a variant that is made without masa. There are also vegetarian tamales that are cheese – less and only stuffed with raja or potatoes. Chipilin tamalas, wrapped in corn skins, are made in the same way as chicken tamala, in which small fish are cooked in a mixture of herbs and spices that wrap the corn skins in masa, but they also make small “fish fries” wrapped around banana leaves. They are named after the colour of chocolate and contain sweet tamales filled with sweet recado or rojo, as well as spicy chiles.

In northern Veracruz, fresh, undried corn skins are used to make green corn tamalas, and in places like Pampanga and Batangas, tamales are wrapped in banana leaves. Wrapped in the sweet corn from the Visayas region, they are steamed and stuffed with pork, fresh corn or chicken or wrapped in Hoja Santa Claus leaves (bananas) and flavoured with their characteristic spicy chiles. In northern Mexico, tamale is wrapped in either corn skins or plantain leaves, depending on the skin and region; in some places it is larger, in others smaller.

You don’t have to wrap the whole tamale filling, but generally you want to see what you wrap. Tie the grain shells around the tamales, and the more you tie them, the longer they hold together, so it takes more time. You can also embed the tamale peels in the earth so that you can wrap them individually with the filling, just like a traditional taco.

Place the tamales in a shallow layer of corn husks and cover with a few more skins, but do not let them dry out. Fold the corn skins over each tamale so that the masa completely encloses the meat on the bottom and sides of the tamales.

Food: Tamales

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