Margala Hills, Pakistan 😉

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In Islamabad, beautiful sights and architecture delight the few travellers who visit the Batura Glaciers and Concordia Mountains every year. Hiking Trail 5 in Islamabad is famous for its diversity, with a variety of hiking trails in different parts of the city as well as some of its most popular spots. Sources: 6, 9

You can follow the Link Trail from east to west or go directly to Sandhuri Ridge Trail and arrive at where the trail ends. From where it ends, you can either go to the east or west side of the park. Sources: 0

From here, it is easy to climb up and have a view of the Kalinjher and Sanyari valleys to the south and Kot Jindan to the north. After climbing the steep hill, you can get to Pir Sohawa, a 5.5 kilometer hike that can be done from Trail 3. This path leads directly to the summit, past the famous restaurant. Sources: 0, 3

The restaurant on Pir Sohawa Road is La Montana, which also offers views of the hills and greenery surrounding the capital Islamabad. This is another beautiful place in the Margala Hills that should be on your travel list when you visit Islamabad! Growing up in Karachi, Karachi hosted some of Pakistan’s most famous and famous restaurants, such as the famous Bani Gala. The view from the top of this hill of the Kalinjher and Sanyari valleys and Kot Jindan is very beautiful and worth seeing from this place, and it is composed of the mountains of Lahore, the capital of the city, and other parts of Karachi. Sources: 3, 5, 8

You can either turn west and walk to Sandhuri, or follow the ridge road and head east into the Sanyari Valley down to the Panryas Spring. This route has a well-defined route that runs through the valley and ends at the top of Pir Sohawa Road, but the preferred route is Hike # 5 from Islamabad, which starts from the opposite F5 sector and ends in Pir Sohawawa. Follow the outline of the head of Darra S anyari and climb up to a narrow high saddle at 972 m, then serpentine into the open country. Sources: 0, 3, 9

In the heat, leave behind the hot sun and cool breeze of the Panryas spring, the only source of fresh water in the valley. Sources: 8

In the Margalla Hills, the famous Monal Restaurant is a perfect lunch or dinner option after a day of exploring. This restaurant is best known for its stunning views, which offer Islamabad’s green hills from all sides. Another place to explore for Islamabad and visitors from outside the capital is the Margalla Hill Hotel, one of the city’s most famous and popular restaurants, which offers great views of Islamabad and its surroundings, as well as scenic views from the hill. Sources: 3

When hiking in the mountains, it should be noted that the terrain can be uneven in some areas and therefore is not recommended to go it alone. Signs can also help you explore some of the best spots during the hike, including small springs and scenic viewpoints during the hike. Sources: 3

First and foremost, there is Trail 3 in Islamabad, which starts at an altitude of 615 m and climbs to 1177 m and overlooks Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The walk starts from the Margalla road, where the path climbs up a ridge and passes through an olive grove before continuing to some destroyed houses covered in fig trees. A well paved road leads to the Monal Restaurant in Pir Sohawa, although many people walk the many paths in the region. The two-legged path no. 3 starts on the east side of the town, from a steep ascent to 5,000 m. It is a strenuous climb due to the steeper gradients, but it starts at the Margalla road. Sources: 0, 3, 9

The weather in the Margalla Hills is generally hot and dry, with most of the hilly terrain covered in vegetation and the hills only getting snowfall every few years. The hills, which extend east – approximately east – west, have a rugged topography with steep slopes and gullies, where the rock structures are mainly limestone, the height varies between 465 m and 1600 m. The map shows an eroding footwall that includes anti-formal and synformal re-entry barriers, from the area of Salt Spring Bay to the south to the area of Golden Rule Peak. Sources: 2, 3, 7

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