Mutton Karahi 😋

Mutton Karahi, which is often found in Pakistan, is simply the epitome of good Pakistani food, served on special occasions and for social gatherings. I went to some very delicious Shinwari’s restaurants that have been successful in Islamabad and serve some of the best food in the city.

Mutton Karahi, often served on special occasions or at a get-together or as part of a meal, it is often just the example of best Pakistani cuisine. Most Mughlai or Punjabi restaurants serve you a plate of this goodness, with the sheer joy that comes with every bite.

The karahi itself is a rich stew of chicken and mutton cooked with tomatoes, ginger, garlic, jalapeno and coriander and topped with fresh ginger and coriander.

You can use almost any piece of lamb for lamb stews and curries but shoulders are good, knuckles work, because the bone marrow soaks up all the flavour and is amazing to suck on.

Adding a small onion keeps all that tomato sweetness going and keeps the lamb karahi juicy. Indian curry vegetables can be used, Kasuri, Methi or fenugreek leaves can be bought in an Indian shop. You can also add fresh red or green chillies to make the curry even more spicy. So if you enjoy the meat, you should also dip some naan in the sauce or some ketchup to dip the naans.

Food: Mutton Karahi

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