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If you are visiting Portugal and you only have one day in Lisbon, you may be wondering how to see the best that the city has to offer. There are indeed many things to do, but if you want to go off the beaten track on a tour with the locals and discover the local side of this city, is the perfect place to escape for 3-4 days. Lisbon is full of good accommodation options for all budgets and there are simply a lot of great accommodation in and around Lisbon. When you do the tourist things in Portugal, there are actually many good and unique things you can do within Lisbon for just a few days or even a week. * 0, 4, 14, 15

If you are visiting Lisbon for the first time and wondering what you can see in Lisbon with so many possibilities, I recommend you start the very popular and essential tour of Lisbon, which will show you the highlights of the city. The tour is very interesting and is rarely visited by tourists if you want to visit Lisbon, Portugal. * 0, 14

If you have another day in Lisbon, be sure to visit Sintra, just outside the city, and see the old town of Lisbon. You may have to pay an entrance fee, even if you do have the visit Lisbon card. * 0, 15

You can browse the small alleys, take pictures and then head back to Lisbon with a magical panorama. You can admire the Tagus, and that is why I think it is one of the best places to visit Lisbon. Lisbon is blessed as a hilly city and this means that you have a good view of Lisbon from many places in the city. * 0, 10, 16

If you’ve ever been to Portugal, I’d like to know where you found the coolest café in the comments below. This way you can also enjoy the party atmosphere of Lisbon, discover the local beers and spirits and find out about other activities during your visit to Lisbon in this guide. * 3, 6, 11, 16

If you want to stay in a more central area, Bairro Alto offers some of Lisbon’s best street art, some good ones can be found in Baixa Barrio Alto, just a few kilometres from the centre of Lisbon. Think of this as the most charming place in Lisbon, with its beautiful architecture and beautiful streets. * 0, 9, 14

The Alfama is the oldest quarter of the city and one of the most popular places in Lisbon to enjoy a free walk. Alfama, for visitors to Lisbon is on our list of “Ultimate Activities in Portugal” and it is a great place to take a short walk in the city centre with its beautiful architecture and beautiful streets. * 4, 5, 6

Day trips are a great opportunity to explore more of Portugal outside the big city. * 16

If you want to visit Lisbon and its surroundings, Sintra is one of the best destinations for a day trip. It is connected to Lisbon by a direct railway and is considered a good day trip outside Lisbon. If you are coming from the north, there is the A1 that connects you to the city of Porto, a small town in the south of Portugal, with a great view over the sea. * 0, 2, 12

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