Lake Nakuru, Kenya 😏

Something Long And Complicated visits Lake Nakuru, Kenya 🇰🇪

In this article, Lake Nakuru’s safari specialists discuss everything you need to know to decide whether or not to include Lake Nakuru in your Kenya safari tour. Sources: 10

This article will give you all you need to know about the best time to visit and stay at Lake Nakuru, as well as the activities to be undertaken. We will cover everything including the most important aspects of the lake, such as the best times to visit, the best places to go on a safari and the best ways to do things in the area. We will also discuss the most interesting things to see and do at Nakuru Lake, as well as some of the best lodges and activities. Sources: 4, 9, 10

As exciting as a safari may be to find the right accommodation, Lake Nakuru is the best time to visit and stay in Kenya. If you stay at the lake, you can book a visit to Lake Nakuru National Park during the time when the safaris are booked with Expert Africa, or even in advance. Sources: 6, 13

Most people include Lake Nakuru in their list of Central Kenya destinations, but you can also reach Laikipia Plateau and Mount Kenya by bus, so it is easy to combine the best destinations in Central Africa in a single tour. Depending on how long the bus stops, Lakeakuru can be reached in a few hours or even less than an hour. Sources: 1, 3, 12

You will stop at one of the many viewpoints along the steep wall and enjoy the ride around the lake itself. Although Lake Nakuru is a small park, it is by far the most worth seeing, even if you have not visited it yet. If you visit a larger park like the Masai Mara, you must enjoy the view from the top of Laikipia Plateau and Mount Kenya while driving around the lakes. But for those of you who have not yet gone, I am sure that it is only worth visiting because of its beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife. Sources: 2

Nakuru National Park is unique, but there are a few alternatives that offer a relatively similar experience and perhaps better views than the lake itself, such as the Laikipia Plateau and Mount Kenya. Sources: 2

For those who want to take a day trip from Nairobi, safaris on Lake Nakuru are recommended, and many visitors spend 2 to 3 days in the area. Although the park is not quite as large (compared to other parts of the country, such as Laikipia Plateau and Mount Kenya), it is a one-day safari with a stop-over that has much to offer that can be visited in a few hours. For a proper safari it is recommended to spend at least one night nearby. Near Lakeakuru there is a lake where you can see zebras, antelopes, buffalo and giraffes, as well as a number of lakes and rivers where you can swim. Sources: 0, 7, 10, 12

Lake Nakuru National Park, surrounded by the Great Rift Valley National Park, Kenya’s largest national park, covers a total of 2,500,000 square kilometres (2,500,000 square miles), depending on the season. The park is surrounded by a lake, which is the second largest in the country after Lake Nairobi and the third largest in Africa. It is a salty lake at the bottom of the vast Great Rift Valley and home to many animal species including zebras, antelopes, buffalo and giraffes. Sources: 0, 10

This means that Lake Nakuru is seen by a large number of tourists, but is not accessible during our visit. Martin, our guide, called us and confirmed that there are no flamingos in Lakeakuru, as they are on a hike, which is a few hours away. In view of the recent lack of flamingos on Lake Nairobi and to avoid crowds, we started the Kenya Trails Group Safari. We had an early morning trip to Lake Nakurus, so we decided to camp near Lake Bogoria, as this camp makes it easy for us to visit the Pokot tribe in the area around Lake Baringo. Sources: 3, 5

Lake Nakuru National Park is one of the few places in Kenya where flamingos are found, as the population of flamingos there has declined over the years. Lake Nakurus is also one of the best parks to see leopards, and we saw two of them during our visit. Giraffes, buffalo, zebra and antelope are easy to see, but it is also a good place to see Kenya’s rhino, due to its proximity to the lake. Sources: 2, 5, 7

With the world’s fastest population decline, rhinos are definitely one of the most endangered species in Kenya, and it is easy to see why. Lake Nakuru is home to Africa’s largest rhino population, with over 1,000 rhinos, making it a great place to visit. Sources: 7, 10

Lake Nakuru National Park is one of Kenya’s premier national parks and a popular stopover on most safari routes. It is located on the southern edge of Kenya’s largest national park, Lake Naivasha, with a population of over 1,000 rhinos, but is the smallest of all national parks and can be explored in a single game drive. A visit to Lake Nakurus can easily be combined with visits to Lake Naiv Sasha and Lake Elementeita, making it a good choice for shopping with a stop-over for wildlife and wildlife tourism. Sources: 8, 10, 11, 12

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