Shuili Township, Taiwan ðŸ™‚

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Something Long And Complicated visits Shuili Township, Taiwan 🇹🇼

We visited Sun Mook Lake for the first time since our visit to Taipei last year with our friends and family. We stayed in the city to avoid getting ripped off at the hotels by the lake, which normally start at NT $4,000 per night. Sources: 8

We met many Chinese tourists from the mainland who did not really take the train, so we went to buy some delicate local handicrafts as souvenirs. Dan bing braised pork, rolled in chopped pancake dumplings and pineapple pie, is available in the community. It is sold in Taiwan, but we bought a pack of four and went back the next day with the intention of buying it as a souvenir. Sources: 1, 3, 5

Cheng, the first historical railway depot in Chechnya from the Japanese colonial era, is an excellent starting point for visitors. This enclave served as an important railway depot, but the station was closed in 1994 when a new railway line bypassed the city. A third station opened in the suburb of Paget, and a second station in Taipei City in 1999, both of which have since closed. Sources: 2, 7

The structure was later restored by Guan Li-Chu, later by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the National Museum of China. English magazine for travel in Taiwan, which familiarizes readers with Taiwan’s destinations, published by a team of experts from China, Japan, the United States, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Sources: 0, 4, 7

This is an open database created by mappers who maintain and maintain hiking trails around the world. It is a collection of maps created by people with open licenses and is open to anyone interested in building their own maps and paths. Sources: 2

There is also a railway station in Taipei Village, Taiwan, and a bus station in the same location, as well as an airport. Sources: 5

You can take a bus to get to Puri, and then take another bus from there to Taichung Railway Station. You can then take another bus to Taipei, then a train to the airport or a flight from Tai Chiung Airport, from which there is a flight connection to this place. Sources: 5

When you explore Tamsui, you can change back to the MRI and take the Red Line to Beitou, the northernmost district of Taiwan, and then change to the Pink Line, which will take you just one stop to Xinbeitou. To get there, take a small train to Taichung Station and then take another bus to Puri. Simply stop at the entrance of Tai Chiung Airport or the airport or a flight from Tai Chiung Airport or take the M RTR from Be itou Station to the Red Lines. After exploring TamSui, you can catch a bus or get off at Taikang Station and hop on a smaller train for the rest of your journey. Sources: 3, 5

To get to the path, follow the New Central Cross Island Highway and hang one to the left while crossing the bridge over the Taichung River and the Tai Chiung – Taikang Highway. And then the TamSui – Puri Highway. You will find a sign at the intersection of the island highway and Taixin Road, south of Taicang Station. Sources: 7

If you have spent enough time in Taipei and have already seen all the major sights, a day trip to Tamsui and Beitou is one of the fun things you can do, but if you have never eaten in a hot spring, I ask you to try it. If you are in Taiwan in winter, you should stay in the hot thermal springs as it is an ideal place to swim before returning to the city. This brings us to the village of JiJi, where we spent most of our time, and to the most beautiful part of TamSui. Sources: 1, 3

Place: Shuili Township, Taiwan

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