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The largest Slovak national park is located in central Slovakia and its great attractions are numerous karst phenomena and beautiful caves. About 90 percent of the park is covered by contiguous forest, and about 60 percent by a continuous lake. Most areas are covered with spruce and fir forests, which change at higher altitudes. The village of Terchova in Slovakia is involved in various legends, especially the legend of the “Great Caves,” the largest cave in the world and the oldest cave system in Europe. Sources: 0, 1, 4, 8

It is also worth mentioning that the park contains more than 350 caves, the oldest of the nine parks in Slovakia and a protected national park of Natura 2000 sites. In 1993 it became a UNESCO site and there is only one “Dobbsinska Ice Cave,” which has been under UNESCO since 2000 and is open to the public. Sources: 8, 9

The characteristic habitat of the protected area is planted with mountain meadows, which were created during the Wallachian colonization by deforestation. The park also has many mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, as well as birds of prey. Sources: 6, 9

Sutovsky is a popular tourist destination, which can be visited for its picturesque view of the mountains and natural beauty. You can also admire the ridges and the famous Revuce mountain range, the highest mountain in the country. Sources: 2, 4, 10

If you are an energetic type who eats miles and hikes for 2-3 days on the ridges and trails, join us. Sulovske is as charming as the rest of the country with its beautiful landscape, picturesque views and picturesque paths. Sources: 0, 3

If you have not been to this mountainous area of Slovakia, plan to see it soon if you can. The top of Zvolen is worth a visit because of its beautiful view of the nearby mountain ranges. If you take the cable car to Lomnicky peak and reach the second highest peak of the Slovak mountains, it would be a good ride on a cool day. Sources: 4, 5, 7

In the northwest of the mountain range there are the Turiec Basin and the Malá Fatra, in the east the Low Tatras. The best area in Slovakia is probably the area between the Tatras and the lower Fatra, near the town of Zvolen. Walking you can see the beautiful landscape of both the Tatras and Fatra, but it is not open for hiking trails, so it would be a good choice for a day trip or even an overnight stay in a hotel or hotel room. South – east of this mountain range lies Bebe, a small town with about 5,000 inhabitants, the best accommodation. Sources: 3, 7, 10

The mountain ranges Bebe, Turciansky hreben, Sipska fatra, which stretches along the Váh river, and Turiec – Hreben, also border the Great Fatra. In this list of places in Slovakia, besides MalaFatra, there are also other mountain ranges in the Vel Ka – FatRA region. Examples are the Zvolen – Zabrana mountain range, which is located on the eastern side, and the Hrbena – Krasnodar mountain range. Sources: 5, 10

The Zvolen massif is considered part of the Nizke Tatry and was officially included in Velka Fatra in the late 1970s. Fatra Sipska is believed to have been part of Chocske vrchy, but due to its proximity to the Váh River, it was incorporated into Vel Ka – FatRA in the early 1990s. Sources: 5

Today, there is a risk of sanitary logging in the Slovak mountain ranges and environmental inspections are being carried out to investigate the effects of this practice on the health of the forests of Velka Fatra and other parts of Slovakia. The forests of Slovakia are exposed to serious dangers: sanitary logging has been abused to include the exploitation of forests. Being in the forest brings together citizens and experts for the first time in a public-private partnership, in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Sources: 9

The park is located in eastern Slovakia and covers an area of about 330 km2, including the buffer zone. The highest peak of the park is 1.5 km above sea level and the highest mountain range in Slovakia, the Low Tatras. Together with the buffer zone, it covers an estimated 1102 km2 of the entire Low Tatras, making it the largest park in Slovakia. Sources: 6

The highest point in the area is quake in 1,5 km height and the highest mountain range in Slovakia, the Low Tatras. Sources: 6

The Harmanec Cave is one of the most famous caves in Slovakia and there are over 1100 caves buried in the abyss. In this area there are numerous karst formations, such as the Carpathians, the Karst Formation and the Krasnodar Formation. It is a protected area and is located on the highest European mountain peak of the Northern Alps, at an altitude of 1.5 km above sea level and 2.8 km below the summit. Sources: 0, 5, 10

Only a few are open to the public and only a few hiking trails are available in the mountains. It is accessible on foot, by car and by bike, but only a short distance from the main road. Sources: 6

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