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Not far west of Beauvais is the Parc Saint-Paul, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, bordered by the banks of the Seine. The nearby airport and its proximity to the city of Paris give it international attention and a tourist point of view. Every year, over 35 million people visit this UNESCO World Heritage site, located in the heart of France’s second largest city on the banks of the Seine River. Sources: 1, 4, 12

Of course, you need a great hotel near Beauvais airport, and there are plenty of options for travelers. To see more options, there is a list of hotels that you can sort by price, distance, traveler rating and popularity. Sources: 8, 11

Where to stay: The Cathedral Saint-Pierre is one of the most popular hotels in Beauvais, with a four star rating. If you can’t get a room at the Hotel de la cathedRale (as above) or if you prefer four-star hotels with all the trimmings, the Mercure Centre BeauVAis or the Cathedral is a good alternative. A list of luxury hotels, including some near the airport and some in the city centre, is available in a separate list. Sources: 5, 10

Orly Airport is close to Paris and the southern suburbs, while Charles de Gaulle and Le Bourget airports are closer to the north-eastern part of the city. Beauvais also has a small airport in Beauvais-Tille, which frequently uses shuttle buses to nearby Paris. Paris is served by a number of public transport services, including the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysees, Paris – Saint-Germain – sur-Loire and Lyon Airport. Sources: 2, 7

Make sure you have a rental car with you so you can also visit nearby destinations. Car – Car hire at Beauvais airport also means we can head to other destinations such as Paris – Saint-Germain – sur – Loire, Lyon and Le Bourget. Sources: 6, 11

Once you arrive at Gare Beauvais, you will have to take a bus or taxi to the airport, it will take another 15 minutes, but it should not take more than an hour to get there. You do not have to pay euros, pounds or dollars for the trip, and there are other amenities. You pay the same amount for this trip as you would pay for Beauvais airport, so there are no other conveniences. Sources: 1, 7

If you’re visiting Paris, be sure to check out our Top 10 Things to Do in Paris list, which includes a list of the best restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants in the city. We have also compiled a carefully selected list of recommended hotels, restaurants and attractions for your visit to Beauvais. Sources: 0, 10

Code BVA consists of two small terminals, T1 and T2, which have a few restaurants and shops on both the air and land sides. There are three-star hotels within 3 km of the airport, as well as a number of restaurants and bars in the area. Sources: 8, 11

For most travelers, this is the most convenient way to get to Paris and connect to the Paris Metro and RER. Trains from the Gare de Beauvais depart every 1 – 2 hours and are operated by TEF, which departs every 2 – 3 hours from Paris – Saint – Germain – sur – Loire. A train shuttle service is also available and shuttle buses depart from Paris Beauvois Airport. This is usually the best way to travel between the airport and the city of Paris and the other major cities in France. Sources: 1, 3

If you are planning a long-term trip to Paris or other major French cities, find transportation in Beauvais and check out the available routes. Sources: 7

From Gare du Nord you can catch a train to the GARE de Beauvais, but of course you will have to navigate through Paris from your destination. In this case, you would need to use a combination of public transport and airport transfers to reach CDG or Orly Airport. Sources: 1, 7

The easiest way to get through Calais is to take the motorway towards Paris – Reims. On the A16 motorway, take exit 15 (Beauvais – Nord – Amiens) and follow the Aeroport sign to Tille. Sources: 3, 9

If you have any questions about your trip from Paris to Beauvais airport, talk to a friendly driver who can communicate in both French and English. If you are looking for a non-stop connection to Paris, there is a bus at the airport, but if you need a long-distance bus, you will need to take the bus to your hotel in BeauVAis. Sources: 1, 8

If you want to reach the centre of Paris and its attractions, the two closest airports are Orly and Charles De Gaulle, which also have the most frequent connections to the city. Beauvais airport is also ideal for renting a car as traffic is relatively low and the T2 transfer offered is exceptional if you are looking for a long distance connection to Paris (you have to drive further down). If you are travelling from Paris to Beauvais, you should take a bus, train, taxi or bus from the airport to your hotel or hotel. Sources: 1, 3, 7

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