Rabbit & Prunes 😋

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This is a rich and nutritious way to serve rabbit meat that the whole family will love. This rabbit recipe is great for winter stews and fricassee. Sources: 1, 10

I also used the slow cooker method with Sunsweet, and the California plum juice as the base for the sauce means it is really easy to make without much preparation time. It is only a matter of layering the meat and other ingredients, pouring the sun sweeteners (sun sweetener, plums, juice and broth) and then pouring them into the slow cooker at low temperature for 8 – 10 hours. This slow-cooking rabbit recipe requires about 1 1 / 2 cups broth, 1 cup chicken broth, 2 tablespoons olive oil and 1 teaspoon salt. Sources: 1

Dry the rabbit pieces and sprinkle with salt and brown them in pieces on all sides of the pan. When the cooking time is over, remove the rabbit joints and place in the slow cooker and cook until tender, about 10 – 12 minutes. Sources: 1, 11

If you use rabbit straight from the fridge, it will take a few more minutes for the rabbit pieces to brown nicely, so be patient by adding a little more oil to the pot. Here is another recipe that is a little more time consuming, but one that I definitely use from a farm that breeds rabbits. If you prefer wild rabbits and their joy of playing, you can also use farmed rabbits, wild shrimp or even wild salmon in this recipe. The caramelisation adds flavour to your meat and I’ve used farm rabbit in recipes like this. Sources: 0, 5, 11

The rabbits are bred in a small village in Tarragona and fed rosemary, which makes them each weigh about 700 g and reach a total weight of about 1,000 g. Sources: 0

Oatmeal does not help to improve the nutritional nutrition of the rabbit, and feeding processed foods made with high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and other additives can cause dental and abdominal problems. Other high sugar and carbohydrate fruit foods are rabbits with lots of plums, so they get what they need, which is a lot of plums. Sources: 2, 3

This may come as a shock, but other fruits the rabbit eats, such as apples, pears, cherries, peaches, plums and other fruits, should not be given to them. If you want to give your rabbit a fresh vegetable snack, consider green peppers, beetroot and radishes. Silver beets, sometimes called chard, are another leafy green that rabbits should avoid as much as iceberg lettuce. Rabbit feeding light-coloured lettuce (including icebergs) should be avoided as icebergs can contain chemicals that can be harmful to the health of the hare if ingested. Sources: 2, 3

Cauliflower can make the rabbit inflate and become poisonous, as it is a vegetable that is often found in a rabbit’s diet and requires the high-fibre hay. Replace these vegetables with fiber-rich fruits, vegetables and herbs, otherwise your rabbit will suffer from colic (flatulence), which is caused by the high carbohydrate content in your diet. Sources: 2

If your rabbit is quite dry, it benefits enormously from braising in a rich, aromatic liquid. Wild rabbits need long, slow cooking, but slow cooking rabbits can be the perfect way to cook older rabbits as the meat remains tender and moist. Remember, the more work you do, the better Your meat is the tougher and tastes the better, no matter what cooking method you use. Sources: 1, 6, 9

We also buy our rabbits at Sparrow Meats in Kerrytown, where most of the game you might like is at home. You can also replace rabbits with chickens, although you should have no problem getting wild rabbits shot on site. Sources: 1, 5

I would go so far as to say that wild rabbits are a meat-based source of protein here in the UK. In the Netherlands, you can buy rabbits in poultry shops and poeliers, but not from butchers or butchers. The sale of hunted rabbits is illegal, although the rabbit meat you buy comes from commercially bred animals and has a wonderfully mild flavour. There are also breeding rabbits on the market, although I would urge you to avoid this altogether. Sources: 1, 4, 9

Although sweet and nutritious, you may want to know what fruits you can give your rabbit. Hamster food contributes little or nothing to a hare’s diet, while rabbits require a much higher level of food than you might think, such as fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Don’t give them fruit and vegetables as part of their regular diet and don’t replace them with treats. Sources: 2, 3

If you are unsure whether you want to try rabbit or have a friend who declares not to like them, there are recipe changes. I researched how to debonk whole rabbits and what happens in a YouTube video in which a charming Italian butcher quickly turns bug rabbits into bunnies, so I knew this lesson was coming. Sources: 7, 8

Food: Rabbit And Prunes

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