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Something Long And Complicated visits Oulu, Finland 🇫🇮

Oulu is the capital of Lapland and the home of Santa Claus. It is the perfect place to organise a trip to Oulu, one of Finland’s most popular holiday destinations, and tell Santa what he really wants. Due to its remote location, it is rapidly becoming an alternative Finnish destination to visit for both tourists and locals. Sources: 12, 13

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is located in the south of the country, while the popular tourist destination of Rovanaeim, known as the capital of Lapland, is located some 200 kilometres further north. Oulu, one of Finland’s most popular holiday destinations and the home of Santa Claus, is also just a few kilometres from Helsinki, Finland. Sources: 9, 13

This island is easily accessible from the city centre, while Linnansaari is also worth a visit as there are some pretty parks that invite you to stroll around and see the remains of the Oulu Castle. If you want to experience more of this great Finnish nature, you might want to visit the Koiteli region and the Koitelinkoski Rapids. Overall, Oula is a great place to start your adventure in Finnish Lapland. This is the perfect place if you not only want to get a taste of La Pland, but also want to enjoy some of Finland’s most popular holiday destinations such as Rovanaeim, Koiteleli and Koolhaas. Sources: 1, 8, 11

Despite the large number of tourists, it is a nice city to see what Finland really is and how Finns actually live. A visit to the city would be a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the knowledge of Finnish culture, history and tradition. Sources: 9, 12

This page helps you find Google Earth locations in Oulu, Finland, and find the surrounding cities, villages and towns using the search form for the regional directory. There are a number of lakes in the city, the most popular of which are the Oulu River and the Valkiaisarvi and Lamsanarvis lakes. On this page you will find the towns and villages around the city as well as a map of all of them. You can also find them on Google Maps, Google Street View and even on the Google Map. Sources: 4, 5, 7

If you choose to stay during your travels, you will immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and culture. The Zoological Museum offers visitors the opportunity to see animals, birds and insects that live in the northern part of Finland. The rooms are designed to exude a Finnish flair inspired by Lapland. There is also a beautiful dark place outside the city where you can enjoy some of the best views of Oulu and its surroundings, as well as the lake and lakes. Sources: 3, 5, 13

If you have little time, this is the perfect place to plan a quick escape and enjoy the beauty of Finland during this season. If you want to explore the Arctic, Finnish Lapland is a region you will probably look forward to in the end. But if you travel to Oulu in winter like we do, prepare for Arctic weather conditions and perhaps use Oulu as an excuse to head to Iso or Syote, where you can get the best out of Arctic Finland. Sources: 1, 3, 8

Lapland used to belong to Oulu, but became a province in its own right in 1936, and a coup was staged when Finland declared the city a city. With the Nokia 6G – a 6G device, which is one of the first mobile phones in Finland with a 5-inch display – it became the first city in the world to proudly display a Nokia mobile phone in Finland. Sources: 2, 10, 14

Porvoo has always been a favourite of many Finnish artists and has also been the subject of a number of films and TV shows as well as a television series. The world-famous air guitar is one of the most popular instruments in Oulu and the city was home to many famous Finnish musicians, such as Pekka Rinne, Jussi Kallio, Olli Juolainen and Juho Kivi, among others. Sources: 8, 12

Polar bear pitching is a unique way of using pitching and also symbolises the “Finnish can-do attitude” (sisu). A must-see for every guest in Oulu is the POHjanmaan exhibition by Pohjois, dedicated to the history and culture of the northern Finnish region. Not far from the Museum of Culture is the Oulus Art Museum, which displays works by modern Finnish authors and where interactive temporary exhibitions are often held. While many Finnish families bake at home, you can also drop by to try out the cult duo. Sources: 0, 3, 5, 6

Buses also depart from Helsinki and other destinations throughout the country for Oulu and take 9 to 15 hours at a cost of 75 euros. You can expect the journey to take you from the city center to the northern part of Oulus Island and back. Bus travel is a way to get from Oula to Helsinki, but also to other parts of Finland, such as the north – west and the south – east. Sources: 8, 13

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