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There are two types of fire ants, but there is one you should know: the imported fire ants (Solenopi xyloni solenopsis) and the food red ants. There are a number of different species of imported and domestic fire ants, such as the imports, and there are many more species of imports than domestic or domestic, as well as many different species of domestic and imported fire ants, such as the red ant (solanopis xolensensis and Xylonis solesensi). Sources: 2, 10

Only the red ant is known – known for its venomous sting and it is the only fire ant with a sting on its head. The native fire ants are black and smaller than the imported pests, but they have been greatly reduced in their range because they are too small to compete with the two imported fire ants. Red ants feed similarly to fire ants and may protect the sweet substances that ants like to eat. This feeding can harm sensitive plants and damage plants such as trees, shrubs and other plants. Sources: 0, 15, 18

Contact Fire Ant Control, LLC to learn more about what fire ants eat and how to protect your pet or property from them. Sources: 17

If you already have fire ants in your house And if you think that ants nest in walls, cavities, or other parts of your structure, you might want to get help from a qualified pest controller who has access to fast injectable insecticides. Western exterminator professionals who can take care of your property and help you with fire ants and other red ants at home or in the shop. When you see red ants on your properties, do not assume that all ants in your homes and yards are fire ants, unless they are trapped by them. Sources: 2, 7, 10

To ensure that the fire ants are active enough to make the treatment effective, place them in a mound of earth and check that they are present for about thirty minutes. The worker ants will eat the bait and carry it back to the nest to eat queen. When used correctly, they bring the bait back to their mounds of soil so that no other ants in the colony are exposed to insecticides. Sources: 3, 4

Since the meat of these ants is largely derived from the remains of dead animals, they can be killed and eaten by their ant hosts. Due to their flexible diet, fire ants can invade new territories and will penetrate into indoor ant and termite nests, settle there and feed on the insects living in them. They also eat other insects and flying larvae, which feed on decomposing bodies and carrion. Individual nests are usually smaller than those of fire ants, but can connect to millions of individual ants to form supercolonies. Sources: 1, 14, 15, 16

These ants use chemical traces to guide each other to food sources and use forceps – like appendages called mandibles – to collect food and bring it back to the nest for sharing. When they reach a gleaming underground tunnel, other worker ants follow the pheromone trail to a newly found food source. These ants get their food, return to their colonies and get their food again, marking the first group of ants to leave a trail of peromones. Sources: 5, 16

When a large source of food is found, these ants recruit other workers to help bring the food back to the colony, but it is important to use control methods that do not kill the ants. Worker ants are seen returning to their colonies with solid food, and there are many different species of worker ants in the Red Ant family. Fire ants want to find food for themselves and find enough to bring them back to the remaining colonies. Sources: 6, 9, 10

If your young lizards are not yet able to eat very well harvest iron, you can feed them with pinhead crickets and small ants. If you also have an infestation with fire ants, store other food to deal with the ant problem, and your property will be almost free of fire ants within a week. Fire ants return to their colonies after they have flown out to mate, but they do not return until they have mated. Sources: 2, 17, 19

The worker ants remain in the colony and receive new food from the feed ants by storing them in their bellies and raising them again when their nestlings are hungry. When the ants return to the nest, they carry the liquid food into their stomach and feed on the bait before taking it to another colony where it is fed to other ants, destroying the colonies. Sources: 13, 18, 20

The ants will harvest and take the food by killing the queen and her workers, but the extermination will not be immediate. When the worker ants collect the strong grainy bait and bring it to the queens for their food, the bait kills the queen and no new ant is born. The entire colony will disappear if the worker ants eat it and carry the bait out of the colony to sterilize it. If they carry bait particles back to the mounds of the earth, they will cause the ants to take food from the colonies and kill them and their workers. Sources: 8, 11, 12, 17

Food: Red Ants

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